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5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Hires

Every company wants to improve the quality of their hires and are seeking similar candidates. In order to capture candidates that best suit the profile, each company needs to design their own recruiting process to appeal to potential recruits. The best way to explain this prospective is by understanding the nature of the recruiting process.5TipstoIncreasetheQualityofHires

Nature of the Recruiting Process
A common observation is that we hire individuals based on the information we know about them, we at times even limit their chances of learning new skills based on what we as employers know about them and expect them to do, even if they can do much more.

Aside from this another problem we face is that when the promotions are limited but the number of applicants keeping  an eye out for that promotion are many, we often find ourselves in a pickle. While the number of individuals who we know deserves that promotion due to various reasons; deciding whom to promote puts us in a dilemma. Now that we have a rough idea about the nature of the recruiting process we can then understand how a recruiting plan should be.

When designing a recruitment plan, one need’s to form a plan to promote people, move people internally and then apply it to the external hiring process. Given the difficulty in selecting quality hires, here are “5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Hires.”

Focus on the Experience and Past Performance to Assess Ability                
When an internal hiring is conducted we give more emphases on the employee’s experience and their past performance according to us and then we assess their ability. Before making a selection we check for other aspects apart from these like, if they are reliable, the ability to learn and adapt, how well a person fits into the work culture and how they work with a team. Well who said that this cannot be done with new candidates that we hire and the process is called Performance based hiring.

Use the Performance Management Process for Hiring
Don’t you think that it is odd that we define the tasks that a candidate is expected to perform only upon hiring them. So just like companies have a performance management process, similarly we can integrate this into our recruiting strategy. In order to do this we as recruiter’s can pose a question like define the top 2 – 3 performance objectives and why a top fully- employed person should consider this job as a career change. There you have it, simple and easy.

Writing Job Specs
When writing job specs, instead of focussing primarily on what skills he / she should have, you can focus on what tasks or work the applicant will be expected to do, to be a great hire. This will attract the right candidates to your job ads.

Conduct a Pre – hire Performance Review
When you conduct an interview, make sure to ask the candidate to describe their single most significant accomplishment in your career so far? This question will definitely help you to distinguish between a good candidate and an ordinary one.

Use Performance Based Job Descriptions
Upon hiring the individual ensure that you clarify the performance based job descriptions within the first week of employment. Let the new recruits know what you’re expecting; if any training is required make sure you inform them so they are not caught off guard. Whatever you do make sure that you give them a fair chance to succeed.

So there you go, now you are equipped with all the necessary information you need to look for during an interview so you won’t miss a quality hire when you encounter one. So make sure that you get to hire them as such candidates aren’t easily obtainable.

Little Known Features of Facebook

Facebook is a widely used Social networking site, yet how many of us can say that we know everything about Facebook? Isn’t this ironical, I mean we spend approximately most of our time interacting with friends and relatives both near and far. We virtually live our lives on Facebook either interacting with our contacts or playing games. It’s kind of like a fad, yet a minuscule amount of time is spent in exploring all the features that Facebook has to offer its users.So let’s explore these, “Little known Features of Facebook”, who knows we might just stumble upon something useful in our quest for recruiting talented individuals. So let’s find out what are these interesting but little known features that Facebook offers.FacebookEvolutionlogo

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Little known Facts about Recruiting and Sourcing

Most people are familiar with the recruiting and sourcing terminology, but how often do we as Recruiter’s and Sourcer’s stop to think about the techniques and increase our knowledge about the latest developments in our chosen field.We have chosen our preferred profession and we also use the terminology but how many of us can actually say that we understand everything? So here are some “Little Known Facts about Recruiting and Sourcing” that you might not be aware off. So let’s begin with a basic understanding of what Recruiting and Sourcing means.hires_funnel_newBlog Read more of this post

Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting

Most fields have evolved and developed to match up to changing times and the recruitment field is no exception. With social media being widely used by employers of different fields on a large scale to source qualified candidates, hence the need for suitable tools that can speed up the process is inevitable.

Tools like Plug – Ins, Add – Ons or browser extensions, assist recruiters and sourcers alike in capturing right talent at the right time. Therefore you have browser extensions that can enable the smooth flow of the tasks that need to be done. So let’s find out which are the “Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting.”ChromeExtensions Read more of this post

5 Myths of Recruitment

Myths are common to all fields and recruitment is no exception. These are common misunderstandings that are passed down from the first generation to the next and the next and the one after that. It is a vicious cycle that can do no one any good, unless identified and rectified.

Although you might think that you don’t fall in to the category of individuals who are victims of the vicious cycle, guess again? Do you recognise any of these myths in you?5MythsofRecruitment Read more of this post

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