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A Recruiter’s Guide to Social Media Monitoring

The field of recruiting is a diver’s profession; recruiters are needed in every aspect of the company, no matter which field, be it a System Admin, Sales and Marketing Executive etc. All of these job profiles require individuals of calibre and that too having varying skills – sets specific to the job profile.
With everything going online, recruiters need to update their knowledge to match up to the changing times. A new trend that has been developing gradually is Social Media recruiting, which calls for the expertise of recruiters.  As a recruiter it is essential that you be up to date with the latest trends. In order to be updated, you need all the help that you can get to ease the entire process.
The process of gathering information about the latest happenings in your profession can prove to be cumbersome, that’s where Social Media Monitoring comes into play. Hence, a little assistance in your quest to simplify your monitoring work goes a long way, so here’s “A Recruiter’s Guide to Social Media Monitoring” that can make all the difference. If you’re wondering what steps to take to monitor the activity about you or the company on social media sites, then you’ve come to the right place.blogs Read more of this post

How to Build Effective Talent Pools?

Are you tired of encountering inadequate and irrelevant candidates? Fed up of the goose chase? Wondering where to find those had to get applicants, well you just described the story of most recruiters.
For a recruiter sourcing candidates is a cumbersome task even with the latest developments in popular Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The reason being ineffective talent pools created due to inadequate connections and incomplete information on sourcing via Social Media. Well if you’re reading this then you identify with these statements. It’s probably time to try a different approach or evaluate your sourcing methods. So let’s see if we can identify our short comings?workforce, team working, business people in motion, motivation for success.
Final Round Interviewees
Do you remember those individuals who made their way to the final round but missed their chance because someone was better qualified for the role?  Most recruiters tend to discard such resumes. Well the next time you come across such an applicant you would do well to remember not to discard these individuals just yet. Instead make it a point to include them in your list for future reference.

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How to Improve your Business Visibility?

If you thought that boosting the visibility of a business is different, you are partially right. Principles that aid professional visibility can also be applied here but with a few tweaks. Doesn’t this make the task easier? Well let’s see if it does.
So if you’re wondering whether the Business visibility that is fostered on social media like LinkedIn is similar to one’s LinkedIn profile ranking then read on. The answers to questions like how is one’s LinkedIn profile ranking or visibility similar to Business visibility? These questions can best be answered in points.SocialPRO400x640

Complete your Profile
If you want your LinkedIn profile for example to be visible the first and foremost thing that you should do is ensure that your profile is complete right to the last detail. Similarly, a business visibility and ranking largely depends on a completed profile. Hence, make certain that the company profile or its presence on any Social media is complete.

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How to use Blogs for Recruiting?

Recruiters haven’t used Blogs as extensively as Social media like ‘LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for scouting talented individuals. This is because they are either not aware or sure of its effectiveness as a tool for recruiting, even though Blogging has been around for quite a while. So let’s address its effectiveness through this discussion.
In order to get the maximum use out of blogs and to ensure its effectiveness, it is important for Sourcers to understand the various benefits that Blogs offer.blogSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
I’m sure that we are all aware of this concept as it isn’t a new concept, especially for Bloggers. Put simply it ensures that the Blog comes on the first page when a Google search is conducted and ranks in the top first few links. For blogs SEO is a must.  I can’t stress on this point enough.

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How to Improve your Visibility on LinkedIn?

Most individuals having LinkedIn profiles aren’t completely aware of how to use these profiles to their optimum level. Why is this important? Well whether you are a job seeker or a recruiter it applies to you. Simply because having complete knowledge of how to use these profiles with its features will definitely assist you in any case.

Why LinkedIn?

Aside from being the largest professional social network online today with over 100 million professional users, it is also one of the popular sites used by most recruiters to source potential candidates. So if you are a professional or a business owner, you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to build relationships with potential customers, clients, partners and peers on LinkedIn. Knowing how to use such profiles will help you to be efficient in your work and obtain desired results.HowtoImproveyourVisibilityonLinkedInning

Complete your Profile
In order to get noticed it is essential that your profile is completed. A completed profile is ranked higher as compared to incomplete ones. When creating a headline make sure it is a compelling one. Ensure that the profile summary has brief but descriptive keywords since you have a limit of 120 characters. Make certain that you fill up all the headings and let LinkedIn prompt you about you or the company’s profile, so you know what the strength of the profile is.

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