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Twitter’s new features – Group Chat via Direct Message & Video Tweets

Twitter is definitely one of the popular social media channels used by most individuals and it has no intention of relinquishing its title either. As a result it has upgraded its features to improve the experience of its growing user base. Twitter’s two new features i.e. Group Chat via Direct Message and Video Tweets. The Group Chat via Direct Message enables users to interact with more than one individual at a time privately.

As a regular Twitter user, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Direct Message feature that is used so often to interact with individuals at large. The upgrades to Twitter’s features, now helps users not only to connect with one individual but to a group of individuals simultaneously.


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Handy and Effective Twitter Analytic Tools

We’ve come across this time and again, not only that; it has got us wondering what the hype is all about and for something as futile as this? You might also be puzzled about why this particular topic is given as much importance as it has. Well this is all about the changing trends that I’ve been mentioning countless times.

Any which ways with the internet now replacing the traditional methods of recruiting, keeping in pace with these new developments is just as important. As a result one is required to monitor their social networking sites effectively if you wish to progress or get anywhere for that matter. In light of these latest developments here are some “Handy and Effective Analytic Tools” that just might be the answer to all your social media monitoring needs.



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5 Ways to make your Online Profile Stand Out

Creating an online presence is not an easy task now as against earlier when recruiting was still doing things the traditional way. With recruiting now going online it is actually that important, especially for the recruiters and the ones on the receiving ends i.e. job seekers.

With social media dominating all most all aspects of recruitment and branding due to its efficiency and being cost effective. Everyone we know apart from recruiters and companies is on social media platforms. Therefore it will be worth your time to further improve your knowledge about social media, hence here are, “5 Ways to make your Online Profile Stand Out”.


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How to Recognise the best Candidate?

Most Recruiters, while they have all the right resources to assist them in their performance, they still have the most trouble when it comes to hiring candidates for the job. This is a common occurrence that most recruiters face. When it comes to deciding whether the applicant is the right fit for the job, that’s where the trouble arises.

Judging whether the candidate is the right one for the job can be a tedious task for recruiters unlike other job profiles. The job demands patients and a lot of analyses when hiring individuals that best suit the role. Therefore, here are 9 questions that the best candidate will ask you in an interview.

shutterstock_244161040 [Converted]

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A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – By

Many brands have realised the potential of Facebook and are leveraging on the viral marketing power that Facebook has to offer. As a result most employers and recruiters are switching over to social media to catch those hard to get candidates that almost everyone in the recruiting industry is seeking out. Same goes for job portals like whose objective is to seek out these perfect candidates for the job, as a way to assist employers in their hiring process and it has to its credit; of being India’s number one job site.

In order to assist recruiters like them and to simplify the sourcing process they’ve come up with a concept that might prove to be a solution to most problems faced by professionals like them therefore, “A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – by” but if you wish to get a clearer idea, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the various aspects that come into play for it to be a success. So let’s find out more about these aspects…


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