5 Myths of Recruitment

Myths are common to all fields and recruitment is no exception. These are common misunderstandings that are passed down from the first generation to the next and the next and the one after that. It is a vicious cycle that can do no one any good, unless identified and rectified.

Although you might think that you don’t fall in to the category of individuals who are victims of the vicious cycle, guess again? Do you recognise any of these myths in you?5MythsofRecruitment

Recruiting is recruiting no matter which field

Myth: Recruitment process is the same for different profiles
While the recruiting process followed is the same when it comes to most job profiles you don’t need to prepare further selection processes based on the job profile.

Fact: Recruitment process differs for different profiles
Even though the basic selection process is the same irrespective of the job vacancy, that doesn’t mean that additional measures aren’t to be taken before selecting an individual for the job. Each profile is different, requiring specialised skills and knowledge nonetheless.

Recruitment isn’t difficult

Myth: Recruitment is easy and doesn’t require hard work
While building connections is relatively simple it requires little to no effort on their part to hire people.

Fact: Recruitment is difficult and requires a lot of hard work
If you think that Social media has made the task of a recruiter easy, you are sourly mistaken. Although social media has made the task of a recruiter easy it isn’t that simple either. You still need to put in the same amount of time and effort, if you wish to hire good quality employees.

Candidate Selection requires special skills   

Myth: Selection process requires little to no skills
Even today the selection process requires minimum skills as compared to the traditional methods.

Fact: Selection process requires special skills
The skills required for a recruiter range from personnel skills to social media recruiting skills. The modern recruiters are now required to have social media skills as an addition to personnel skills. The task has just become harder.

Knowledge of Personnel Selection

Myth: Knowledge of personnel selection hasn’t under gone any changes
The knowledge that a recruiter has about personnel selection hasn’t changed as the basics of recruiting are still the same.

Fact: Knowledge of Personnel selection has changed
Well the traditional methods aren’t as effective as social media recruiting, especially since social media is dominating ones connections.  The modern recruiters need to have a thorough knowledge of social media recruiting which caters to capturing talented individuals via social networking.

Responsibilities of a Recruiter

Myth: A recruiter has limited responsibilities
If you believe that a recruiter’s sole responsibility is hiring individuals with the right calibre and nothing more, think again?

Fact: Selection isn’t their only task
Ever taken out the time to ask a fellow friend or colleague who is a recruiter, what their responsibilities are? If you haven’t it probably high time you did. This might probably change your perspective of who a recruiter is? And help you be more considerate the next time you encounter one.

Was this information useful? If yes, do let us know and leave your views in our comments section. We would be delighted to hear your perspective on the views expressed.  So if you have identified with either of these myths, it is important that you make an effort to rectify them; else you risk hiring inadequate personnel.  Hope the myths and facts of the recruitment field are clear, if you come across others following the same myths, do correct them. You will be doing your part in erasing such myths.


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