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Best Practices on how candidates should approach Head-hunters?

A common practice within the recruiting field is that of headhunting. It’s not a popular technique for various reasons but is an effective one. If you’re wondering whether you can get in touch with them or if you are of the opinion that they aren’t approachable then you’re mistaken.  And if you are wondering how to approach head – hunters then you are on the right track.

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with this form of sourcing candidates, let me introduce the same.  These individuals usually get in touch with potential candidates via visiting them at their current work place or meeting at their favourite restaurant and also via making cold calls. I know this doesn’t sound professional but you’d be surprised with the success that they have had so far. Therefore, here are some, “Best Practices on how Candidates should approach Head – hunters?

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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters

In a technology driven age, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are switching over to modern methods of recruiting as compared to the traditional methods. The recent developments in Social Media have made recruiting efficient, cost effective and faster. It is only fair that more and more companies will use Social Media platforms to source candidates.Hence, a recruiter needs all the help they can get to simplify the process of candidate selection. Social Media platforms help build communities and aggregate their vacancies. Hence measuring the effectiveness of Social Media proves to be a challenge, thus the need for tools to monitor these platforms becomes essential. In view of this we have listed out the “Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters”.5OutoftheBoxSourcingTipsning Read more of this post

Facebook at Work, a Social Network for Corporates

Communicating with colleagues for assistance, irrespective of their post or location has always been a task for co – workers for this reason that the ones they wish to interact with aren’t easily available when you need them. As an answer to this issue Facebook has designed a social network that makes all of this possible within minutes hence, “Facebook at Work, a Social Network for Corporates”.

If you’ve been searching for ways to connect, share and interact with colleagues, you can stop your search because all of this is now simple with Facebook’s new social network i.e. Facebook at Work; designed purely for Corporates.

This particular feature calls for a lot of questions that need to be answered which isn’t surprising either. So let’s find out what these queries are,  to begin with – does this qualify as good news, what exactly is it and are we going to benefit from it as users?  Before we get into the nitty – gritty of things let’s get answer these questions.

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5 More Recruiting Myths Busted

The Recruitment field is just like any other field when it comes to presumptions that keep circulating within the field itself. Both recruiters and job seekers tend to fall prey to these myths. These are generally people who are usually on their feet at all times, sourcing for candidates.

During the process of recruitment these individuals aren’t always aware of the rumours spreading around and I can’t blame them because there are always new rumours floating around on a regular bases. The least I can do to help is to highlight the ones that I’ve come across to help them identify the myths that they are probably following. In view of this, here are “5 More Recruiting Myths Busted.”

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Purple Squirrel – Where Art Thou?


Here And There I Look For Thee,
In My Search To Make A Big Fat Fee!

Out On The Field To Purple Squirrel Find,
Job Portals, Adverts And Social Media On My Mind!

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