Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting

Most fields have evolved and developed to match up to changing times and the recruitment field is no exception. With social media being widely used by employers of different fields on a large scale to source qualified candidates, hence the need for suitable tools that can speed up the process is inevitable.

Tools like Plug – Ins, Add – Ons or browser extensions, assist recruiters and sourcers alike in capturing right talent at the right time. Therefore you have browser extensions that can enable the smooth flow of the tasks that need to be done. So let’s find out which are the “Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiting.”ChromeExtensions

Leaf helps one to get insights about anyone without leaving Twitter’s Tweetdeck with instant access to meaningful analytics about candidates, competitors or yourself. You get information about a person’s Klout score, the growth of their followers on a daily basis, the hashtags they are using and the topics they mostly talk about. This information is great to identify which are the popular topics or the most talked about topics which in turn can be used as Tweets. Apart from this you also get information regarding the number of retweets a particular tweet has received, by whom, when have they received it, where and who’s post it is including how many times either party has Tweeted on a monthly basis and that too on real time basis.

Last Pass: Free Password Manager
Tired of trying to remember and memorise passwords for social media accounts. All of us can recognise the feeling. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a Password Manager to keep tabs on all our passwords? Doesn’t that make things all the more easier to complete the task without having to recollect the passwords every time you need to source for candidates? Well Last Pass is the tool designed just for this. This tool solves all your password troubles because all you have to do is remember the last password you entered and your job is done. It saves all your user names and passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. This tool also supports multiple operating systems and browsers and it is absolutely free too. Now isn’t that neat!

Social Fixer for Facebook
Are you looking to customise your Facebook profile appearance and wondering if you can even do that? Well now you can, with the Social Fixer tool. It helps you to customise your Facebook account according to your preference. Here’s a list of the exciting things you can modify to suite your needs:

  • News feeds can be tabbed
  • Filter your feeds (e.g. remove political feeds)
  • Hide the posts that you’ve already read
  • Get previews to thumbnails

This only scratches the surface of the cool things you can do. You can visit the Social Fixer homepage to gather more information.

Social Crawlytics
This tool crawls through a competitor’s website and creates a report based on social shares of all their blog posts. You can then see a list of all their posts and all their shares across each of their social channels. This information helps you to identify any changes or improvements that need to be made to improve your views.

All of these tools serve their purpose adequately, thus improving your sourcing and recruiting experience and process. Such tools make the task of a recruiter or sourcer simpler, efficient and speeds up the entire process. You are then left with a list of candidates that meet your requirements and this gives you a direction to follow and the selection process is boosted. So give these a try and see how effective they really are.


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