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WhatsApp Group Chat – How to safe guard current & future business prospects as Consultants?

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the focus on automation of mundane tasks has got Talent Acquisitionist worried about their future. The current scenario has made Recruitment Consultants want to safeguard their current and future business prospects and they are entitled to do so.

Considering this latest development in the Industry one of our Bangalore Group members Sheetal suggested having a discussion on, “As consultants what are the domains/ industries /verticals and skills one should focus on to safeguard their current and future business prospects?” The discussion will be disclosed shortly but thereafter we’ll be highlighting the key take away pointers for your reference. So let’s begin…

There you have it, the discussion for your reference as well. So if you’re wondering how to safe guard you’re current and future business prospects then you’ve got solutions. And if you’d like to retain what you’ve learnt then let’s review the key take away pointers for your reference. So here’s what we’ve found out…

Skills to Acquire or Sharpen

  • Since a major part of the work involves interacting with people it is a given that your interpersonal skills need to be good.
  • Sharpen your Sourcing, Candidate and Client Management Skills
  • Learn to identify the Right Candidate for the mandate
  • Think from the client’s perspective when interacting with potential candidates and vice versa to know exactly what their expectations are.
  • When interacting with the candidate you need to set the right expectations of the role and company which is crucial.
  • Pay attention to the type of hiring you are doing i.e. product or services as the criteria for selection can differ.
  • Know that if a vacancy is a Manufacturing one then these companies don’t like to recruit from service industries especially Software / BPO back ground.
  • Understand the business, skill and approach required to solve client issues
  • Learn how to identify people internally with the right set of attitude and skill
  • Compare your candidates with them and build a talent pool.
  • By focussing on all of the above aspects it will ensure you capture the right culture fit for the organisation.
  • Consultants can focus on developing skills sets like
    • Data Analytics
    • Energy Management
    • Health and safety
    • Biotechnology
    • Waste management
    • Service industries like
      • Facilities Management
      • BFSI
    • It is important to have a good database of candidates that cater to all types of industries
    • Mapping the sector which a consultant is catering to, will help gain an edge over their competitors.
    • Improve or Acquire –
      • Sales, marketing, negotiation & Networking skills
      • Sourcing skills
      • Relationship building skills and go about it in a creative manner

Accept certain facts

  • Learning has to be continues
  • Verticals and Industry or domain are variable factors it’s the interpersonal skill level of the Recruiters which helps them grow.
  • Know that there are two types of customers your dealing with one is external customers and the other is internal customers (stake holders).
  • Most companies focus shifts away from external consultants due to the lack in response and the quality of CVs received.

Get a good understanding of the requirements

  • Understanding the Requirement and the candidate is more important than focusing on skills / industry.
  • Have discussions with the hiring manager / BU hiring manager to get the right focus and direction which is important to tap the right talents.
  • Interviewing and assessing the candidates on the basis of the requests shared helps in generating a good ratio.
  • Stay updated with the newer disruptive technologies
  • Apart from the above mentioned aspects one also needs to have knowledge about
    • Which are the new projects bought in by an organisation
    • The new projects that are bought in by an organisation can be Clients wherein we need to help them improve their numbers.

Future of the Job Market

Here are a few vacancies that will be available in the future –

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud and Virtualisation
  • Mobility (Involves wearable technology, as well)
  • Biotechnology and Drug Discovery & Development
  • Nuclear Medicines
  • Nanotechnology
  • Renewable energy
  • Unconventional energy harnessing
  • Waste and e-waste management
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics and Power Electronics


We hope the pointer’s above will help you retain what you’ve learnt and safe guard your current & future prospects as a Consultant Talent Acquisitionist or otherwise. If you’ve found this information useful then you would also like to learn about the Relevance of Recruiters asking Candidates about their CTC in the selection process. If you’re interested in becoming an active learner rather than a passive one then here’s what you can do in two simple steps right now…

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