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Developments in Facebook

The new trend that is followed by recruiters and sourcers today is recruiting candidates via Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook being one as well.  With every second person having an account with Social media, it is only natural that recruiting will be done via these platforms. Hence the need for “Latest Developments in Facebook” arises; in order to assist recruiters and sourcers alike. There are certain tools that Facebook offers which can speed up the process for both recruiters and sourcers.FacebookAppsSlideBlog

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The Future of Semantic Search Engine and Recruitment

With Social media being popular and the most used tool for sourcing and recruiting candidates, it is only natural that improvements will be made to Search Engines in the near future. Hence, an article on, “The Future of Semantic Search Engine” comes to the fore. In order to understand the future of the Semantic Search Engine it is essential for one to understand its meaning, How it functions and what are the advantages of this form of system?
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Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Recruiter

The recruiting profession over the years has evolved in order to meet the changing times. At first newspaper ads used to be the way job seekers went about getting employed, then came the internet which simplified the job hunt further. With job portals mushrooming rapidly, the traditional ways took a back seat. Then social networking sites became an alternative to seek employment. Now we have mobile phones to speed up the tedious process of sourcing. And mobile apps have paved the way to effective recruiting. So, if you haven’t already downloaded these apps, it’s probably high time that you had. So here’s a list of apps that will benefit you as a recruiter.

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Effective Ways of Sourcing Candidates

shutterstock_183954182Sourcing done with all the skills necessary and in a way that is most effective will rule out the redundancy of the task. As recruiters we have targets and deadlines to meet along with all the tasks we are involved in. With the limited time that we have, getting leads becomes difficult and time is of the essence. So let’s pause and evaluate the way in which we Source candidates.

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MeetUp Pune – Dream ATS


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