Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclave 2015 – Mega Sourcing Contest

The Mega Sourcing Contest (#sourcingcontest) that was conducted as a part of Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Conclave (#TASCON15) held recently was a smashing hit, no doubt. The organisers Sourcing Adda have been conducting several activities to enhance the experience of Recruiter’s and Sourcer’s alike. For those who couldn’t attend, you guys have no idea what you’ve missed. Nevertheless, you can still catch up.

Mega Sourcing Contest 3

Sourcing Contest

Those of us who were present would know that the Mega Sourcing Contest was the grand finale of the Monthly Sourcing Contest that was held for the duration of 12 months. This Contest began in the month of April 2014 and ended in March 2015 with the winners gaining entry in to the Mega contest automatically.

Mega Sourcing Contest

Chinmay Chavan the Lead Trainer at SourcePRO, was the host. Just like most contests are you’d know the feeling if you’ve ever had an opportunity to participate in one. You’re nervous, anxious, scared & excited all at once. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? The same was the story of the participants we had from several companies such as…

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The contest commenced with the contestants all fired up for the next big challenge having successfully completed the first challenge in the Sourcing Contest. Before the contest began they were briefed about the rules, regulations and procedure of the Contest. It was divided in to 3 milestones where the 1st milestone was to search for the target individuals name and email it to the organisers. After which they would be sent an email containing clues to complete the 2nd milestone. They had to use the information they gathered in the previous milestone and the 3rd milestone was a webpage.

The Final Decision

At the end of the event the participants were presented with mementos to mark them as the finalists of the Mega Sourcing Contest. Unfortunately it wasn’t solved as planned by the organisers due to the difficulty level in spite of them putting in their best efforts. The contest wasn’t completed as expected hence the team decided to reward the first individual to solve the 2nd milestone. Therefore Britto Ambrose was declared the winner and presented with a certificate, an award and a slick hp Laptop.

To those who were present, I think it’s safe to say that overall it was an amazing contest where the participants put in great efforts and was enjoyed by all participants including the host. The competitors displayed great sportsmanship and were not defeated just yet.

The responses, reviews and feedback that Sourcing Adda received were accepted. The views thus expressed were considered and the decision was made to conduct yet another contest. To get updates of future activities and to participate in another amazing contest follow @sourcingadda. Be prepared for another year of fun and amusement that is sure to blow your mind. In all earnestness we request you our patrons to give suggestions for future activities and blog topics to come. I request everyone to check in for a newer and bigger version of the contest in June.


Handy and Effective Twitter Analytic Tools

We’ve come across this time and again, not only that; it has got us wondering what the hype is all about and for something as futile as this? You might also be puzzled about why this particular topic is given as much importance as it has. Well this is all about the changing trends that I’ve been mentioning countless times.

Any which ways with the internet now replacing the traditional methods of recruiting, keeping in pace with these new developments is just as important. As a result one is required to monitor their social networking sites effectively if you wish to progress or get anywhere for that matter. In light of these latest developments here are some “Handy and Effective Analytic Tools” that just might be the answer to all your social media monitoring needs.



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5 More Recruiting Myths Busted

The Recruitment field is just like any other field when it comes to presumptions that keep circulating within the field itself. Both recruiters and job seekers tend to fall prey to these myths. These are generally people who are usually on their feet at all times, sourcing for candidates.

During the process of recruitment these individuals aren’t always aware of the rumours spreading around and I can’t blame them because there are always new rumours floating around on a regular bases. The least I can do to help is to highlight the ones that I’ve come across to help them identify the myths that they are probably following. In view of this, here are “5 More Recruiting Myths Busted.”

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Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!

With another year ending it’s only natural that all active recruiters are curious about the trends that might make the 2015 year market. So if you are one of those recruiters who like to be aware of the possible challenges that they may face then you have come to the right place.

Therefore here are the “Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!” that are likely to make the 2015 charts in the recruitment industry. So let’s begin with what you can expect the charts to be like for the year 2015 up ahead.


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Facebook drops Microsoft’s Bing from its Graph Search

All you Facebook Graph Search fans out there, this might come as a shocker if you’ve been regular and loyal users of Facebook’s Graph Search.  But hold your horses now would you, before you jump to conclusions and spread false rumours too. So far there is word out that, “Facebook drops Microsoft’s Bing from its Graph Search”. So let’s find out if it is in effect.

Well it has been confirmed that Microsoft’s Bing has been removed from Facebook’s Graph Search. For those who are new to the concept of “Microsoft’s Bing”, it is actually a search engine like its rival Google. But if you’re wondering why this important decision was made then here’s why this change was inevitable. The main reason being that it aimed at assisting its users in finding the posts from friends that have been shared rather than simply being people search specific. If you’re looking for more insights into this tough decision, read on to uncover the others.fbbingning Read more of this post

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