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Facebook and Twitter Recruiting

With the explosion of social media, Facebook and Twitter have become virtual treasure troves of myriad candidates. Recruiting and sourcing agencies and companies not just rely on traditional job portals nowadays to procure candidates but also Facebook and Twitter too, to that end.The benefits of doing so are unlimited – the most important benefit being giving sourcing agents and companies on the lookout for potential employees, easy access to a huge talent pool transcending all geographical barriers. They can have a quick low-down on the persons in the “about me” section and also get an idea of his personality from his public posts’ threads and friends and followers list.Companies and sourcing agencies can also make judicious use of it by carefully crafting their brand online on Facebook or Twitter so that active job seekers can actually follow those to gain a proper insight into their work culture, profile and most importantly, available vacancies.Untitled

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aboutme_380x128A start-up seems like the latest promising thing in the domain of web hosting service. What makes it steal a march on others is the simple navigating format. The site allows registered users a platform to link multiple online identities, relevant external sites and popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube through an eye-catching one page user-profile.

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Fun While Sourcing

Are you one of those hard-charging talent hunters constantly on the prowl for suitable candidates? Do you spend every waking hour mining resumes on your laptop? Well, if so, you are clearly overlooking the fun side of the process and making your job rather mundane and tiring.

Recruitment is about people. It’s about interaction. What better opportunity than to make use of it to add some zing to your work?

Find new ways to track your candidates apart from the usual CV sourcing through job portals and profile sourcing through LinkedIn. Instead, try using your social skills. Attend more parties to forge new connections and find apt candidates rather than sit on your desk and strain your eyes or better still, throw a party yourself or organize an event inviting active and passive job searchers. Build a rapport with the attendees to not just learn about their qualifications and experience, but also to gain insight into their personalities, soft skills, areas of interest and other preferred jobs and positions.

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Need of Formal Training in Recruitment

Formal training in the domain of recruiting is practically unheard of. Recruiters hardly enter the profession by design. Most of them end up in the domain either after having a training in HR or are graduates in need of jobs. This often leads to inefficiency and waste of precious time.

The scenario, however, is changing with sourcing professionals gradually recognizing the importance of formal training and institutes steadily coming up with general and tailor-made courses. These courses are often short and crisp.

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Recruiting With Linkedin

With 259 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites next only to Facebook and Twitter. Often informally termed as the professional network, job-seekers, professionals, companies across industries and recruitment firms, create professional profiles on LinkedIn giving details of their present and past jobs, educational qualifications and skills and interests, company profiles and vacancies. Users connect with others in their field and also with those from a different domain to gradually increase their network. They also connect with groups and companies. All these, to not just inform about their professional and educational details but also to seek out prospective employers, opportunities and suitable jobs and positions.

Smart recruiters and big corporations, therefore, have taken to LinkedIn, for their staffing solutions. They pay hefty amounts for the LinkedIn premium feature. But even the basic LinkedIn version can prove to be a great tool for scouring potential candidates. While job posting on LinkedIn hasn’t drawn the response it ought to, LinkedIn can actually prove to be very useful while looking for senior level executives and managers with set skills and experience.

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