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WhatsApp Group Chat – Best Databases to Source Analytic profiles excluding Consultants

Talent Acquisitionists are constantly on the lookout for fresh Talent and untapped Sources to capture the needle in the hay stack Candidates. The practice is followed usually when they’ve exhausted all the current resources that pull up insufficient results. In such a scenario or when the resources they utilise aren’t providing the Talent they seek thus they are forced to find other platforms & job portals that have the Talent they require.

Having said that, we @SourcingAdda are glad to learn that we can be of assistance thanks to our group Members for their discussion topic suggestions. One such Bangalore group member i.e. Deepti suggested to have a discussion on, “Which are the best databases to source analytic profiles excluding consultants?” Hence, we’ll be sharing the chat shortly but before that remember to view the key take a way pointers to facilitate learning and assist retention of the aspects learnt, so here goes…


There you have it the discussion that we had and we’re sure you’d like to re enforce your leaning to ensure that you retain what you’ve learnt. If you feel the same way then the key take a way pointers will help you achieve this, so here goes…

Best Databases to Source Analytic profiles excluding Consultants

  • Best data base to search analytics profile is via LinkedIn
  • Most reliable is through References from Candidates & Talent Acquisitionists and build on them
  • Conduct X – Ray Searches using Boolean commands and enter the search strings created to receive a wide search results for Data Analytics Talent.
  • Use Kaggle that has a lot of data science profile databases hence visit –

So there you have it the best portals and techniques to assist you in Sourcing for Analytic profiles. If you’ve read this far then you certainly realise the importance of being an Active learner rather than a Passive one.

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WhatsApp Group Chat – Best Companies Offering Most Reliable Online IT tests for Recruitment

Big data has always been around but its relevance and importance has just surfaced due to the digital age. With that Social Media, Sourcing has gained momentum due to the amount of relevant information available online. Having said that it’s only obvious for companies to look for better tools and techniques to test Talent before on boarding them.

There are several tools and techniques that Talent Acquisitionist’s can implement to speed up the Recruitment process. One such tool is a reliable Online IT Test for Recruitment that can assist you in the selection process. Finding best companies offering reliable Online IT Tests isn’t easy and we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for. Thanks to the group members we are able to provide assistants as the topic for the popular Wednesday discussions was on, “Online IT tests for Recruitment on two parameters i.e.

  1. Which are the best companies offering online IT tests for Recruitment?
  2. Which are the most reliable online tests for IT hiring that can be used for the initial rounds?

As suggested by Niveditha from the Pune group. And if you’ve missed it then here’s a chance to catch up as we’ll be showcasing the chat along with the key take away pointers thereafter to simplify learning and retention. So here goes…

If you’ve read this far then you’ve found something interesting and you’re looking to, not only; learn more but retain what you’ve learnt. Meaning that you’re seeking out the key take a ways to help you remember. Luckily we @SourcingAdda have foreseen this and we’ll do the best we can to help. So here goes…

Test details

Online IT tests for Recruitment


  • Mettl is a good tool as it’s got a good Interface, amazing service, it understands the nuisance of online Test and provides Web-proctoring.
  • Mettl pretty much is an online tool which can design the Test as per the skill mix required


(INR) ₹ 200/- per test without proctoring

(INR) ₹ 350/- with proctoring

  • You can use the Codebunny test when you want the candidate and panel to simultaneously work on technical problems.

  • To filter out incompetent Candidates from Campus and Lateral hiring use quodeit &

  • A venture and Monster college i.e. a monster India venture are good options.

Hackerrank & Codility & IKM

  • Hackerrank is slightly expensive but it has an excellent interface
  • You can even build your own test – coding, MCQ and similar with both Hackerrank & Codility
  • Codility test is used for assessing coding knowledge and skills
  • IKM

    • International Knowledge Measurement (IKM) is normally used by many IT companies
    • It gives good results in terms of recruitment


    • One test costs around (INR) ₹ 500/-
    • The level of difficulty increases with each correct answer
    • Both IKM & Codility are good for hiring developers

    Merittrac & Aspiring Minds

    • Aspiring Minds is very specific and they will customise as per your needs and it gives you very detailed results.
    • Both Merittrac & Aspiring Minds are good organisations that offer such tests


    • If you’re looking for a tool for values & leadership hiring then SHL is perfect

    Expert Ratings

    • There is a company called expert ratings that have been in the testing industry for 16 years. So it’s worth talking to them if the need arises.

    • com is a free online test that covers all domains and is a very simple one to conduct and gather information.


    • Pragnyameter is a good online assessment tool provided by ‘wisdom it’.
    • You can customise the test as per your specifications and requirement
    • You can also set the cut-off limit as per your requirement

    Conduction flexibility

    • Candidates have the flexibility to take this test from home up on their convenience which also fast tracks the interview process.

    Security features

    • It provides security features like video recording while taking the test or prompts a warning message if a candidate tries to change the tab and search in google which reduces the chances of fake candidates or proxy interviews conducted.


    • Reliscore is another site that gives custom made online IT tests for various skills


    • The test is quite reliable due to the stringent quality check on a candidates’ test performance and it also checks duplication and prevents plagiarism.
  • Hogan tool

    • The Hogan tool is mainly used for psychometric assessment
  • SelectToPerform & Monjin Interviews

    • SelectToPerform is another great tool for Recruitment assessment
    • Monjin Interviews is the next generation video assessment platform giving 100% security
    • It has strong network industry expert assessors hence its reliable
  • Insights on Tools used

    • No correlation between people clearing the tests and the final selection were found hence some organisation have done away with doing tests.
    • com is just a basic level test so taking it into consideration may not be applicable
    • Monjin Interviews has brought down the previous offer to hire ratios from 1:25 to 1:5 for its clients.
    • Clients who have used this tool have managed to weed out 40% of bad programmers from the recruitment pipeline because of this tool.
  • Precautions to be taken

    • Some basic precautions should be taken by recruiters to figure out what exactly to test for
    • Ideally one should have different tests for different skills required even under a broad umbrella for instance Java
    • Once you have developed a specific requirement (K & S of KSA) for each position you’re hiring for; there are little chances of the tests not working provided the test has both an MCQ and a coding test built into it.
    • If a particular test didn’t work for you then you may need to do an RCA for the same and evaluate the answers that came up from the analysis.
    • That would be interesting to learn as it might shed some light on the aspects that weren’t taken into consideration.

    That’s it for now nevertheless I’m sure you’ve got what you wanted if you’ve read this far. Now you know exactly what you’re missing out on, so don’t you agree that you need to be an active learner rather than a passive learner?

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WhatsApp Group Chat – Should Recruiters show eagerness to Candidates till the Offer Release Period to negotiate the CTC?

There has been a lot of talk on the importance of engaging Candidates from the immediate point of contact to the on-boarding stage and the challenges that Talent Acquisitionist’s face. We’ve covered a range of topics that address various challenges similar to the one mentioned.

Having, said that we @SourcingAdda are constantly striving to resolve new challenges that Talent Acquisitionists face. We hold discussions every Wednesday which are quite popular and informative thanks to the initiative of our members. the discussion focused on, “Should Recruiters show eagerness towards Candidates after their selection up till the offer release period to negotiate the CTC harder?” upon the suggestion of our Mumbai Group Member Anshul. We’ll be disclosing the chat shortly but before that don’t forget to view the key take away pointers right after so here goes…

The very informative discussion ends here and we’re sure your eagerly waiting for the key take a ways to facilitate learning and retain what you’ve learnt.  Therefore let’s not keep you waiting so here goes…

Who should show Eagerness


In fact a Candidate should show their willingness to join the company

If eagerness is shown by the Recruiter a Candidate is likely to think that they are the only one eligible for the post thus they have a tendency to ask for the maximum hike.


After the selection a Recruiter shouldn’t show eagerness towards Candidates as it gives them leverage

A Recruiter can negotiate better by refraining from showing eagerness towards Candidates

Recruiters shouldn’t push Candidates too hard to join as this enables them to re-negotiate better on aspects like CTC where Candidates are more inclined to join the organisation.

Recruiters should showcase the opportunities that the Candidate gets at the Organisation by highlighting a good salary package and environment to work in.

Eagerness should be there on both sides however as a HR / Recruiter it shouldn’t be shown to the Candidate as that would put them in commanding position

When negotiating; Recruiters should clarify expectations in the beginning when the profile is shared and both parties should be frequently reminded about it.

Recruiters should be neutral when negotiating as it helps to understand the view of the Client or Candidate.

Keep Candidates engaged at every stage right from immediate contact via phone to the interview up to joining and even post joining.

A lot depends entirely on the kind of rapport a Recruiter develops with the Candidate

Its human nature to be eager however, a Recruiter can be sure about the Candidates decision provided the same eagerness is replicated from the Candidates reaction.

The Ans. to the question at hand is No, as it may result in you showing a Candidate that they are more inclined towards the CTC rather than the role offered.

It is essential that Recruiters allow them to set their own expectations and help them to realise that they’re asking for a budget i.e. more than what they deserve.

The negotiation stage is the crucial period because there are two types of negotiations that are held namely; poor and healthy negotiations.

A healthy negotiation should be done according to your company culture and role

A positive employer and employee are the result of a successful salary negotiation

It’s important that the Candidate feels confident that they are joining the right company

It is very important for a Recruiter to be in touch with their Candidates initially so that they can address any issues or challenges a Candidate is facing and help in resolving them which is an added benefit.

Possible Solutions

Follow ups with candidates have to be done without irritating prospective Candidates; too much follow up isn’t good either.

Engagement with the candidate should be done so as to avoid losing them to competitors

Giving extra info about the company, their role & responsibilities helps in establishing good rapport

Offering advice on their career path at this stage may also facilitate rapport building

Get them involved in project calls as this gives them a sense of belongingness

Even posing to ask them information about the subject of their expertise may help to maintain their interest which can result in them continuing to speak with the Recruiter which also builds a good rapport.

Send them Goodies prior to joining and once on-board you can give them goodies

Candidates will definitely be inclined to a Recruiter who they have a better connection with hence; relationship building is the key.

If nothing works; keep an active back up ready, always keep a pipeline of candidates ready, if someone is willing to come on contract to hire; take them, the battle is not over till they are on board.

Accept Certain Facts

Know that even after all you’re efforts; candidates still may not join

You need to know that you can’t trust them since there’s no mechanism that will give you a 100 percent surety that a Candidate will join.

Realise that the Candidates may already have an idea about the general and opportunity salary range

We’ve received an out pour of inputs where several perspectives and aspects were covered right from the obvious Recruiter perspective, a Candidates perspective to solutions that may work, facts that we most often forget or don’t realise. And if you’ve read this far you know what you’re missing out on. So why not join the group; become an active rather than a passive learner as you’ll get inputs covering topics like the Impact to the Naukri Monopoly due to Randstad buying Monster.

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