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WhatsApp Group Chat – Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portals

We’ve all aware of the changing scenario in the Talent Acquisition Industry and would like to keep ourselves updated by adding to our knowledge from time to time. Keeping this in mind we decided to challenge ourselves and our knowledge about the Recruitment Industry that all are passionate about with a discussion.

And what better way is there than posing it as a discussion topic for our Wednesday’s Discussion that we all so enjoy @SourcingAdda? On that note the discussion topic was on, “Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portals” as suggested by our Bangalore Group i.e. Neha. And here’s what we uncovered…

Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portalsThis brings our insightful discussion and challenge to an end with lots of takeaways to add to our knowledge. And I’m sure that if we thought we’re updated with the current trends then we can be certain now after this conversation. If you’d like to be a part of our discussion and upcoming activities then follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates. If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience in the Talent Acquisition sphere then register for #TASCON16 fast and network with the best minds in the Industry.

Whats App Group Chat – Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and your reasons why?

With the appraisals round the corner everyone is on the hunt to prove why they deserve a raise but how many of us have been realistic in our responses and expectations?  Exactly, most of us usually tend to ignore the reality in our responses and expectations. Everyone wants the max and most definitely expect a hike.

This is the reality hence we @SourcingAdda decided to utilise this opportunity to help you stop and think about things that wouldn’t cross your mind otherwise. The opportunity we are referring to here is our popular Wednesday Discussions. Yet again the discussion topic was suggested by our Whats App Group Chat member from the Delhi group i.e. Raveena. The discussion topic was on, “Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and why?”  And here’s what we uncovered…

Appraisal Expectations vs Reality and your reasons why v1

Well we can conclude from the above conversation that there are a few things that make a world of a difference to the appraisals one receives. But we can all be realistic in the pay hikes we would like to get before deciding on the raises. In the meantime we received a lot of responses that we all should think about at the time of our next appraisals.

If you liked this discussion and would like to learn and know more please follow us @Sourcingadda  for real time updates  to our upcoming events. Meanwhile you might want to register for #TASCON16 to grab the opportunity to add to your learning. Here you will get to interact with Industry experts to gain valuable insights. These insights will keep you updated and are sure to assist you in your quest to finding those needles in the haystack Talents everyone is seeking out.

Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – How to Attract More Applicants to your Job Opportunity?

We’ve spoken about online Employee and Employer Branding extensively and with everything getting digitalised, using Social Media to capture Talent and fill positions faster makes sense.

Having said that the real question is whether this can be done and if yes how should one go about gathering Talent, therefore @SourcingAdda we decided that the best way to get these doubts cleared is by asking Talent Acquisitionists. Hence we conducted our monthly #SourcingChat on the topic, “How to Attract More Applicants to your Job Opportunity?” And I bet you’re eager to find out what we discovered and more importantly what were the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat so here they are…


Q1. What are the different ways to attract candidates? #SourcingChat

#sourcingchat: A1: Talk to them, Engage with them through Whatsapp, Twitter. Be a Spoc for them from your company, it will comfort them

A1 Great LinkedIn Profile and Networking #SourcingChat

Q2. What are the aspects to be avoided to get more candidates? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A2: Convey d clear message of “Position closed” 2 al d candidates who have applied for the job and r waiting comm #sourcingchat

A2. Avoid dealing wid d candidates casually, Avoid wasting time of d candidates during interviews, Avoid clumsy communication. #SourcingChat

Q3. What role does branding play in attracting candidates? #SourcingChat

A3: Your employees are your best brand ambassadors; make sure they’re selling you. #SourcingChat

A3 #Branding creates awareness or the company and affects candidate’s decision making. #SourcingChat

Q4. What are the challenges faced in catching the attention of candidates? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A4: Finding the balance between a detailed JD and an attractive one is challenging too #SourcingChat

A4. To cut the run of mill job description @SourcingAdda #sourcingchat

Q5. How to overcome these challenges and gain applicants? #SourcingChat

tiptoers – passive pool would be 75% talent pool…Show them why your jobs are relevant #sourcingchat

A5.Be honest, be specific and Make them understand about the role and also show them the road map of their future in ur org #sourcingchat

Q6. Name some out of the box ideas that you have implemented to attract candidates? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat A6. Sponsored college event and had own sets of games for management students, case study competition for student

A6.Funny subject lines & they respond #SourcingChat

Q7. List out a few tools or channels that you have utilised to drive applicant traffic towards your opportunity/ties? #SourcingChat

A7) LinkedIn has been of help to tap passive candidates @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

#Sourcingchat: Out of the box idea: Educate candidates about your org culture, Projects etc.

I’m sure you wanted more but don’t fret just yet you can catch up with the Storify instead. I hope this satisfies your thirst for knowledge. If not, then you can always follow us @SourcingAdda and join in by registering for our grand event i.e. #TASCON16 and gain real time updates to our upcoming activities.

5 Myths of Recruitment & Selection – Debunked


Just like most fields have certain myths so also the Recruitment Industry too has assumptions that people have followed till date. These misconceptions that are held are followed blindly and the field of Recruitment is no exception.

The misconceptions need to be checked and rectified in time or else it will affect the performance and efficiency with which Recruiters function. This will in turn affect the quality of the hires. We as Recruiters need to be aware of the “Myths of Recruitment & Selection”, if we are to recognise any of the Myths that apply to us. Therefore, here is a list of the, “5 Myths of Recruitment & Selection – Debunked”

Myth 1 – Job Board Ads & the Website are most Effective Recruiting tools

Well that used to be the case earlier but with the updates to Social Networking sites everything is going digital. Due to the recent developments such as Boolean Search Strings, Application Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) this no longer holds true. Isn’t this a shocker?

Myth 2 – All Experienced Individuals are Egomaniacs

If you are doing this, “stop it right now” because you will be turning down individuals of exceptional talent and calibre. You will be depriving yourself and the company staff of the benefit of the tips, tools, techniques and the wisdom an experienced person has to offer.

Myth 3 – Best Applicants, Make the Best Employees

Are you wondering why an applicant who nailed the interview, got selected for the job but turned out to be the exact opposite of what you had expected him / her to perform on the job? Don’t fret,  you probably have been a victim to this myth just like others before you, so next time ensure that you evaluate all the aspects before you make a decision to hire them.

Myth 4 – All Shortlisted candidates, must be asked the same questions

While it helps to ask similar questions as it reduces our work and also helps us gauge and compare the answers. It isn’t very effective because you are skipping information that differentiates one from the other.

Myth 5 – You cannot Prompt Applicants to respond to the questions favourably

Sometimes it helps a great deal to prompt as it helps them to develop a rapport that gives them confidence to ponder further and give you a straight answer. This will tell a lot more about the person as compared to the first impression you had of them.

If you can relate to any of these Myths or recognise the ones that you practice, it’s probably a good time to take a step back and evaluate the other Myths that have gone unnoticed so that you can then unlearn what doesn’t apply. Besides if you are practicing any of these Myths the individuals that you hire aren’t probably the right ones. So go ahead and evaluate them without these misconceptions affecting your decision to hire the Candidate.

Whats App Group Chat – What changed in Recruitment in the last 10yrs and what’s next?

We’ve been hearing and talking about all things related to Talent Acquisition and Human Resource in are favourite Wednesday’s discussions that are all taken in good stride by all our members. Being a part of these discussions and an active one at that, if it has taught us anything it has definitely added to our learning.

Therefore we decided to look into our hat of ideas to find out what our next discussion topic should be and before we knew it our member Manish from Pune WhatsApp Group suggested we talk about what changed in Recruitment in the last 10yrs and what’s next? We decided to go with it as it was a challenge to test our knowledge and find out the changes that the Recruitment Industry went under and what we can expect next as future developments. And here’s what we discovered…




From the nature of the conversation above we can state that this discussion was quite interesting with lots of inputs put forth by our WhatsApp members. We can even conclude that we’ve learnt a lot and most definitely we have all added to our knowledge at least to those of us who’ve attended it. If you’d like to be a part of these conversations and participate in our upcoming activities then follow @SourcingAdda and don’t forget to join us at #TASCON16 to interact with Thought Leaders of the Industry.

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