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Hike Group Chat – Can Sourcing Play a Role in Identifying Fake Candidates while Screening?

The weekly discussions that we have are very insightful so if you aren’t already a member then you’re missing out on some insightful perspectives mind you. At Sourcing Adda we encourage our fellow Talent Acquisitionist to express their views on several Industry related topics.

The discussion we had this time shared some light on the topic, “Can Sourcing Play a Role in Identifying Fake Candidates while screening or should it be taken care of at the interview stage by the panel/recruiter?” This topic was suggested by one of our Hike Group members Siby and here’s what we discovered… 1Untitled-2This brings an end to this great discussion and it’s safe to say that although Sourcing does play a role in identifying fake candidates even Recruiters do; but especially the testing and QA team are far more effective in fake candidate’s identification. And even though a fake candidate is identified as highlighted from the conversation above it would be wise to let the candidate on-board to give them a chance to prove themselves besides we can always decide later whether to continue to keep them; provided they perform well. For more such inputs and to participate in our upcoming activities please follow us on @SouricngAdda.

Hike Group Chat – Impact of Social Media in Candidate Selection

We use it on a regular basis, it has revolutionised the Talent Acquisition Industry as we know it, it’s at the tip of our fingers, we spend a great deal of our time on it and it keeps us updated with the current trends. Any guesses?

Yes, you’re right. We’re talking about Social Media and its impact in Candidate Selection. This topic of discussion was brought forward by one of the Hike Group Chat members Prateek from West. We had amazing insights and here’s what came up…

123From this discussion you can conclude that you can’t rely completely on the information you get about a Candidate and nor can you base your Candidate Selection decision solely on Social Media. In fact you can use it to get more information about the candidate to get a clear picture about the Candidates personality. This brings a great end to and interesting conversation and I’m sure you’ve learnt a thing or two from this discussion that helped you add to your learning. To get updates to our other activities follow @SourcingAdda.

Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Recruiter Skills and Competency Development

Here we go again another successful #SourcingChat for Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda). We @SourcingAdda are glad to have so many Talent Acquisitionists expressing their views which have enlightened us as well as our fellow participants. The participation that we’ve had has certainly assisted us in achieving our objective. We are consciously trying our level best to make this experience a memorable one that will not only enlighten you but others as well simultaneous with fun as a finishing touch.

I bet you’re wondering which are going to be the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat on “Recruiter Skills and Competency Development.” So without further ado; I present the Top Tweets with reference to the questions…


  • Is there any difference between a Skill and Competency? #SourcingChat
  • A2 “Skills” are learned activities to do a task, while “competency” is a mix up of skills+behavior+knowledge
  • A3:- Judging the candidates in a short time. Spending time may effect in your peroformance. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Marketing and Sales skills can be a part of Recruiting skills?#SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda A 4) IMHO Recruitment is the toughest form of sales. You’re seeing an intangible product – ‘Career’ #SourcingChat
  • What are the competencies needed for a Recruiter? #SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda Highly versatile. People keep changing and they need to generate newer ways to recruit to keep up the pace. #SourcingChat
  • A5) Recruiter needs to sell his performance better than others during appraisals. Focus on Source Mix and Cost Saved. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Companies are Competency based?
  • To some extent. Competency based HR management is the utmost requirement for companies to be successful. @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat
  • A7) Begin with a competency mapping exercise i.e. understand what competencies are required for which roles within the org #SourcingChat

There we have it our Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat, now your Tweets too can be listed out provided you participate in our next #SourcingChat by following @SourcingAdda. Here you will have access to all the #SourcingChats we’ve had so far and upcoming ones.

Hike Group Chat – Importance of and Transparency in Sharing Role Details

As Talent Acquisitionist Professionals we are all aware of the various issues faced and we’re constantly looking for solutions and sometimes the advice we get from professionals within the Recruitment Industry tend to be most effective.

To name a few Infant Mortality as suggested by Manav or how to Personalise Candidate Experience suggested by @SourcingAdda. In view of that the Hike Group Chat discussion topic suggested by our members Aishwarya and Manav was on, “How important is sharing role details with candidates while hiring and how transparent should you be when sharing role details with Candidates?” In this discussion we addressed another important issue that they face. And here’s what we discovered from our fellow Talent Acquisitionists…



This brings a perfect end to an enlightening conversation. I bet we’ve all picked up a thing or two from it that we can implement in our Candidate selection process. I’ve surely learnt a lot more from these Thought Leaders and I’d like to thank our members for their inputs and suggestions. If you want a recap of previous sessions then follow @SourcingAdda.

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