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Hike Group Chat – How to better Personalise a Candidate’s Experience?

We’ve heard so much about Employer and Employee Branding and its impact but as Talent Acquisitionist’s; have you ever thought about the impact of personalising Candidate’s experience?

In view of this the Hike Group Chat discussion was on, “how to better personalise a potential Candidate’s Experience?

Here’s what was uncovered in the discussion…blog1From this chat we can definitely conclude that Personalising a Candidate’s Experience is far more effective than bulk emailing potential Candidates. Moreover, Candidates are more likely to respond instantly if the opportunity interests them and more importantly if it is personalised. If you found this discussion insightful then the previous discussion on “Infant Mortality” might be of interest to you.

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Do employee Survey’s actually work?

A popular trend that is being followed these days is that more and more corporates are going in for employee surveys as a way to gather information about employee satisfaction. The aim is to find out whether any changes or improvements are required in the work place and to prevent losing out on talented employees to other different organisations due to similar or other reasons, or so it seems.

Therefore let’s find out whether employee surveys actually work. In order to check if that is the case let’s have a look at the statistics ( of such surveys by finding out the various reasons for an employee’s limited participation…employee Survey's

Common myths or notions

It is a common myth that most of these surveys end up gathering dust in a Manager’s office. Well 1 in 4 employees think that managers look at these surveys, simply as a check box list. Another common notion that is circulated is that such surveys are pointless and 29% of employees thought them to be pointless and a waste of time.

Employee Views

Here’s what the employee views were for the unfavourable participation. The response rate despite all the costs and efforts involved is found to be 30%. 20% of surveys that take 7 to 8 minutes to complete are abandoned or go unnoticed with no replies due to limited participation, on the part of the employees.

Preferable Response rate

A +/- 70% of response rate is preferable anything above that means the data may not be authentic. It might not have followed a prescribe set of rules and a figure below +/- 70% means that your research wasn’t deep enough.

The concerns raised go to deaf ears

20% of employees mentioned that their boss never bothered to follow up with them about the concerns raised. 4 out of 5 employees think that their manager will not take any action towards the views expressed about the company. Are all clear examples of the concerns raised going to deaf ears, need I say more.

Management facts

Most often than not the surveys almost always went unnoticed and was conducted just for formality sake. Here’s the results of similar surveys that were conducted 27% of managers never even reviewed the survey results at all and the 52% that took out time to review them; paid no heed to the concerns raised or took no action whatsoever.

Senior Management so out of touch

Moreover 48% of the senior management reported that the surveys were highly valuable which was contradictory to 45% of employees reporting that the surveys had little value. Another aspect that came to the fore with senior management was that they found the assessment to be very accurate. On the other hand 48% of employees felt that the survey had the exact opposite results. The contradiction in the stats is a clear indicator of how out of touch the Senior Management is.

Based on the information provided so far I think it is safe to say that, employee surveys aren’t doing as great as expected. So let’s find out some tips on how to improve and generate good responses from employees…

  • Keep the surveys brief as far as possible
  • Ensure that there is the anonymity of the respondents
  • Explain in brief what will be done with the results
  • Show that the Managers are all on board and proactive about the surveys
  • Explain the benefits of the results to the employees
  • Make sure there is transparency about the results
  • Be very careful about the incentives

Well there you have it all the information you require to conduct effective employee surveys and that too in one place. How great is that? How about implementing them when creating employee surveys? So what are your tips or views about employee surveys? Do tell we’d really like to hear you’re prospective about Employee Surveys.

Hike Group Chat – How do you handle “Infant Mortality” in your Organisations?

At Sourcing Adda we constantly encourage our members to actively participate in the activities we conduct with the Hike Group Chat being one of the many activities we conduct. The Hike Group Chat is conducted every Wednesday where fellow Talent Acquisitionists get together to share their views and perspectives to stay updated with the current trends in the Industry we’re all passionate about.

In view of this, one of our members Manav from the South zone suggested that we have a discussion on the trending topic “Infant Mortality”. Hence, we took his suggestion and decided to have a discussion on, “How do you handle ‘Infant mortality’ in your organisations, in reference to the below article

But before we find out what inputs we got let’s brief you about the topic i.e. Infant Mortality. It’s that crucial engagement time from the day the candidate accepts the offer till he on-boards the organisation. We would like to hear the perspectives of our fellow Talent Acquisitionists in order to enrich the learning experience.   And here’s what we uncovered about how we can creatively gaze the pulse of the candidate/sblog_mainAlthough this was a short discussion, I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say it was still insightful. At least I for one didn’t know about what measures other organisations were taking to curb “Infant Mortality.” It’s really nice to know that most organisations are investing in ensuring that the best candidates get on-board with the organisation. This only goes to show how the Talent Acquisition Industry is evolving and at what pace. Well let’s all make an effort to enrich the learning experience for us and our fellow Talent Acquisitionists as well by following @Sourcing Adda with active participation in the activities to come.

Hike Group Chat – Recruitment and Sourcing as a different function

There has been a long drawn out debate on whether Recruitment and Sourcing are different functions. We @SourcingAdda wanted to find out different perspectives about it and to confirm our views about the subject at hand.

In view of that the discussion was based on, “Recruitment and Sourcing as a different function” where we focused on other aspects such as –

  1. Is it necessary to have both the functions to be different functions?


  1. Do you suggest that both the functions should be done by one single person?

Having said that, here’s what our fellow Talent Acquisitionists had to say about the topic in question and what we discovered from the discussion held…

1234The discussion was great with lots of perspectives from our fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s. Hope to have more people joining the Sourcing Adda family to express their thoughts, interact together by participating in these discussions and other activities to come. Follow @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming activities.

Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – How important is networking to close positions?

It’s time for a recap on the #SourcingChat that was held by Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) and I’m sure you too are interested; as I am, in finding out which are the Top Tweets on the popular topic, “How important is networking to close positions?”.


So here are the results to our brief yet surprising interaction in the #SourcingChat where we had a lot of new members joining in to share their perspectives. Therefore you can imagine the variety of views expressed so here goes…

Q1. What are different channels to network for recruiters? #SourcingChat

A1. There are countless, the best thing to do is find where your potential recruits are & hangout there. #SourcingChat

  • nitisha shah @nitishashah1

@SourcingAdda A1. Emp referrals;Company website;Social media &professional networks ; Recruitment agencies #SourcingChat

A1) HR Confs, TweetChats, Coffee Breaks, Tweetups. Both online and offline networks must be explored #SourcingChat

Q2. How to leverage social channels effectively for network building? #SourcingChat

  • Clive Rodrigues @CliveNRodrigues

#SourcingChat A2 – have a clear message or intention while reaching out on forums. And the agenda has to benefit both parties

A2) Ask questions and participate and share on the right platform #SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

A2. Social channels are conversation platforms not job boards. So go converse & become known, liked & trusted #SourcingChat

Q3. Have you closed positions via networking? If yes, what percent of your total hires come from networking? #SourcingChat

  • Amit Patel @amitpatelHR

A3. In terms of % we are closing 12% profile through social media and our target to reach 23% next year 2016.#SourcingChat

#SourcingChat A3, For generic skills, you get quick responses from people thru social networking. For niche, you have to source

#SourcingChat A3. Yes, very effective and strong hires from social n/w – helps to filter applicants. more than 75% hires through social n/w

A3 yes we were able to close some senior positions through LinkedIn networking, not sure about the percentage because. #SourcingChat

Q4. Can you share one experience where you closed a position within your network? #SourcingChat

A4. Got asked for a Head of Talent & connected a Twitter mate to it & she loves her new job. The role was never advertised. #SourcingChat

  • Manish Pipalwa @pipalwa

A4 I manage a @WhatsApp Group for Developers. I hired 10 #sap Basis resources with that group. Networking helps #sourcingchat

  • Amit Zutshi @amit_zutshi

A-4 Have hired many Web/UI developers via Meetup #sourcingchat

Q5. Tips to maximize the power of networking – your secret mantra? #SourcingChat

A5 Help people without expecting immediate results. There will be a big group of those willing to help you in the future #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat Be active and responsive. Help people without expectation. This will help you in future

A5.Always be yourself while networking. Do not connect only for business prepositions. Network to learn and share together #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat one thing that should b managed is network management depends on what kinda position v are targeting!

A5. Keep on writing, appreciating and sharing relevant and meaningful stuff on relevant social Media Channel !! #SourcingChat

Well there you have it the top tweets of the #SourcingChat that we all enjoyed and got to learn something new in the process. So let’s all aim to get more people to join and gain a variety of perspectives, cool tips, share & learn from experiences and have fun while we do that. If you’ve missed our previous #SourcingChat you can catch it by following @SourcingAdda and even get updates about our upcoming activities to join us.

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