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Needlehunt Spells Potential

Needlehunt, a free beta product, is a new offering in the domain of candidate sourcing. Accessed through Facebook login id and password, for verification of identity, the site helps compare “the overall and work-related sentiments of their publicly available posts to determine if this person would be more open to a new opportunity.”

Once the keywords are entered in the search button clicked upon, it throws up a list of people matching the criteria. It extracts all publicly available information from all their profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Meetup, LinkedIn and even YouTube and WordPress for your perusal. From present to past positions, to qualifications and skills, it presents all the information in a consolidated and succinct manner. Besides exact matches, it also lists near matches. For instance, if you are looking for Copy Editors, it would also bring in profiles of Copy Writers, Editors and Sub Editors as well.

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The Social Network – Not Just a Handy Tool for Recruiters, But Candidates Too

Now that looking up candidate profiles on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, has become an established and accepted practice, how one crafts one’s image on these platforms has come to hold a lot of significance.

While LinkedIn pretty much was created with an aim to aid professionals connect with colleagues and industry people, Facebook was meant to connect with friends, acquaintances and family and Twitter to voice ones succinct opinions. But the last two have, along with LinkedIn, emerged as humungous pool of talent with time. An active recruiter would not just look at ones LinkedIn profile but his Facebook and Twitter profiles too. In the scenario, users on the lookout for the jobs should be extra judicious while using these sites.

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Lippl – A Handy Tool for Recruiters

LinkedIn is a veritable treasure trove of candidates. Any recruiting professional worth his/her salt knows how to make best use of its myriad features and keeps abreast of its latest additions and changes. Lippl is one such free service pertaining to the professional networking site that is fast gaining popularity as a handy tool.

Intended to make browsing easier and more fruitful, Lippl allows recruiters share candidate’s profiles through a simple and quick process. Currently it is supported by only Google Chrome. One needs to register for free and then install the Chrome extension in order to avail the service. All one needs to do then is to navigate to any LinkedIn profile, open the Lippl sidebar and copy the public url on to the clipboard to open the profile in a new tab. One can also use the app to search LinkedIn for any text highlighted in other pages using “Search in LinkedIn” from the context menu.

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Wanna get poached?

Internet in the current times has seen horde new unique and uber-cool platforms in various areas ranging from social networking, chat, website hosting to current affairs, music and a plethora of other things. Many such new platforms have come up in the recruiting domain too, helping potential employers find suitable candidates. One such tech start up is “Poachbox”.Just about a couple of months old, Poacbbox is a rather different kind of platform for professionals in the domain of software and effective too, for that matter. It’s simple functioning technique lets software professionals apply for the limited slots available in the domain and get anonymously poached within 24 hours. A brainchild of “Karen”, the “About” section in the official website details what prompted Karen to come up with the idea of Poachbox thus: Read more of this post
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