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WhatsApp Group Chat – What’s lacking in a Recruitment Consultants work and how to fix it?

The Talent Acquisition Industry is constantly evolving so what does that mean for us as fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s? It means we too need to adapt to the changes. Put simply it’s time to stop and find out what aspects need a change for Talent Acquisitionists like your-selves to achieve success.

After having said that the popular discussion topic was suggested by Srikrishnan from the Bangalore Group that focussed on, “what’s lacking in a Recruitment Consultants work and how to fix it?” and here’s what we uncovered…1


In the discussion above we’ve covered three important aspects that matter namely, Recruiters, Team Leads and Candidates perspectives. Within the aspects spoken about we also find the pros and cons listed out of Recruiters, Team Leads and Candidates. We’ve even got solutions and suggested improvements for the parties in question. The Cons can be considered as improvements for those of us who are determined to excel at the profession of choice.

As Talent Acquisitionists let’s not compartmentalise roles due to its nature but in fact let’s evaluate the way we as well do things. Once we focus on being a success you open doors to other opportunities with a simple mundane task of developing a learning attitude. So while we’re going through the discussion on Consultant Recruiters let’s evaluate ourselves in the process and be better than we already are. Therefore here are the key pointers that we need to focus on…

Recruiters Perspective


  • An interview scheduled
  • Requirement / Role understanding and detailed screening is the key to the role of a Recruiter
  • They are career makers and search specialists
  • Recruiters approach to Candidates has to change to a long term relationships driven one


  • Conveying inaccurate information about the job profile to get Candidates to interview
  • Lack of Employee satisfaction
  • Limited exposure to a variety of perspectives
  • Only matching the skills for any profile
  • Consultant should be treated like an employee at an MNC
  • Lack good facilities and not limit their work to making calls
  • JDs and CTC not well defined
  • Sitting on CV’s without feedback even after follow ups
  • Sudden freezing of positions and urgency without any proper communication
  • Unclear communication and lack of confidence
  • Over – commitment and delay in closing Candidates
  • Improper Position Management
  • Lack the understanding of the Corporate Recruiter’s pain area in closing critical requirements

Team Leads

Pros & Cons

  • Every team lead should set the expectation in terms of perfect profiles
  • What matters are not how many profiles you search but how many suitable profiles you Sourced

Solutions or Improvements

  • Partnering with client and customers to gain clarity in creating relevant JDs
  • Prioritise requirements with the client
  • Be proactive and proactively find out more information about the role vacancy
  • Avoid over commitments to clients
  • Don’t remain only focussed on Targets and Numbers
  • Inculcate skills of empathy and consulting before dealing with Candidates
  • Recruiters need to understand both sides of the coin
  • Establish a direct relationship with the Corporate Recruiter and Recruitment Consultant
  • Corporate Recruiter to understand the requirement themselves before communicating to vendors
  • Understand the revenue impact/billing rates and your organisations charter
  • Corporate HRs should avoid setting expectations in terms of sourced profile but in terms of right profiles.
  • Both types of Recruiters i.e. Corporate or Consultant should have the common understanding that both will benefit only if the Candidate joins.
  • Recruiter’s should have strong convincing skills, be able to articulate well about the job and the organisation they represent.
  • Understand a Candidates right career path by understanding their current roles, responsibilities and future growth.

Candidate Perspective


  • Interviewing for the desired role


  • Candidates not being truthful and immature
  • Bad experience for the Interviewee
  • Only to realise it’s the opposite role they are interviewing
  • Lacking integrity when we speak of companies, Recruiters and Candidates

Now that we’re clear on the aspects that need to be improved let’s implement them as Consultants to make us better Recruiters. And if you’re a Recruiter then you’ve also been a candidate at some point so let’s make the improvements we need to be better at what we do and grow in the process. After all this is the reason for us to have such informative discussions with Thought Leaders in the Talent Acquisition Sphere so that we can enlighten ourselves.

If you’re not part of these discussions then it’s time you did so follow us @SourcingAdda and Tweet us if you’d like to be a part of these discussions.



A Unique Conference Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters – #TASCON16 Activities

The long awaited annual event of Sourcing ADDA i.e. #TASCON16 began with an excitement unlike before at #TASCON15 as it was conducted on a grand scale. What makes this event unique is the eye catching Tag line, “A Conference Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters.”  There were several activities conducted prior to and live at the event so let’s begin…


SourcingADDA Activities

The Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclave (TASCON) had an amazing start with the launch of the #SelfieContest and the trend followed for #TASCON16. As usual the event began with the attendees being informed about the various activities that were conducted such as the Best Twitterati & Selfie Contests, to “Jot down one thing you learnt today” and the two Wild Card entries for the Mega Sourcing Premier League.

Prior to the Main event



Prior to the event Sourcing ADDA launched the #SelfieContest where the winner would be judged on 2 parameters namely if they got maximum retweets and likes on Twitter for their Selfie. The idea behind this was to bring out the creativity within the participants in a fun learning environment.

#TASCON16 Trend

Here the attendees were asked to share the team’s or a personal trend they were following for #TASCON16.This helped us realise that we as hosts weren’t the only ones excited about #TASCON16 but even the attendees shared the same excitement. Thus the excitement began with Yusuf & Aishish clicking their #Selfie and mentioning their trend i.e. “Sultan & Bajirao selfie! #selfiecontest #TASCON16” Tweet.

Live at the event

While these activities marked the beginning of #TASCON16 we had two more activities to keep the excitement and enjoyment going. These activities were the Best #Twitterati Contest and to jot down one think you learnt today with the continuation of the #SelfieContest.

Best #twitterati Contest


We had yet another Contest i.e. the Best #Twitterati where the winner would be declared based on 3 main criteria namely, most creative, amount of and engaging Tweets. The winner of the contest would win exciting prizes to create a fun learning environment.

Standee with the statement “One thing you learnt today!!!”

We had arranged a Standee with the statement “One thing you learnt today!!!” where all the attendees had to write one thing they learnt at #TASCON16. It was a revision to everything that was learnt and what they found most effective in their line of work.

Some of the interesting things that the participants learnt and appreciated were…

  • Using Analytics & Big Data
  • Great experience and knowledge sharing
  • Managing Campaigns, Digital Marketing for Effective Sourcing
  • It’s Masters & Insightful sessions
  • Interesting Session on Social Media Digital Sourcing in India

The winners of the activities would be announced at the end of the event, when tweeting the participants were requested to use the hashtag “#TASCON 16 and for the contests #SelfieContest & #Twitterati”.

Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge


The two wild card entries were selected from our previous Sourcing Contest winners. Here too we had a Lucky Draw with the winner’s name chits placed in a bowl. The Two Lucky Draw Wild Card entries were thus selected. They competed with each other in the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge that was held live at the event but more of this later.

If you thought the fun ends here well you couldn’t be more wrong. Some of the Speakers and Sponsors too joined in with their creative activities to make every ones experience more enjoyable and fun.



SourcePRO had organised fun activities and informed the audience of these activities such as a lucky draw, distributed discount coupons and a challenge of their own.

Lucky Draw


Here two drop boxes were arranged at the registration desk. The registrants were asked to drop their visiting cards into the boxes to get listed for the Lucky Draw. The Lucky Draw winner would be treated with a free SourcePRO (@TheSourcePro) Talent Sourcing Training & Certification Program.

Discount Coupons

If registered today (14th– Apr – 2016) they would receive a 10% discount on the SourcePRO Talent Sourcing Training & Certification Program

The Sourcing Star Challenge

They also had a test of 5 questions for Talent Acquisition Professionals to challenge themselves and if they were able to get all the answers right they received a white badge with a half golden star within which the words written were, “I’m a Sourcing Star – SourcePRO.”

Ripple hire

To keep the attendees busy and to interact with them during the networking breaks even Ripple hire conducted an interesting activity. They had a gaming station with a bowling game which was a success as it kept the audience entertained and engaged.

Little Internet

In order to keep the excitement going on even Little Internet had a treat of its own. They had an exciting card game to keep the audience engaged and even distributed gift vouchers with interesting discounts that were great!

Keynote Speaker Session


The opening session was conducted by the keynote Speaker Aadil Bandukwala (@aadil) who spoke about Big Data & Social Media where he had an activity for the audience.  Here he showed 3 slides with company logos where the audience had to guess what was unique about all the 3 slides. When no one could answer he mentioned that not even one company was repeated.

Strategy Hub Session

TASCON- Strategy HUb

A Session to watch out for!!

Being the last session the Speaker Srikrishnan Ananthanarayanan (@im_srikrish)wanted people to be active and feel refreshed before the session started therefore he conducted a few activities as well.

Call someone you’ve always wanted to call but were unable to

Call someone who you’ve not called for a long time and you’ve always wanted to but were interrupted. It helped a great deal as we were able to stay in touch with the ones we’re all too busy to interact with.

Surprise Activity Lucky Draw

In an attempt to boost learning there was an exercise conducted which was a Lucky Draw. Here the attendees were asked to check their chairs as an envelope was taped underneath them. Once checked they were asked to send it to the Assistants.

Then the Speaker opened the envelope, which had a card inside it; that had 3 statements,

  1. Do not pass it on to a person who has a name starting with S or A or T
  2. Do not pass it on to a person who wears a blazer or has a shade of blue
  3. If you have a person that sits next to you and has a Samsung mobile or an iPhone, shout “Alien Spotted”

The attendees were supposed to follow these instructions but as per the instructor they submitted the envelope to him instead. This indicated what we as Recruiters do. We rush to submit candidates without understanding that there are other aspects that need consideration. Hence it is important for us to understand that there is a framework for everything to happen. Put simply what we did was a postman’s job and we need to think creatively as times have changed.

#TASCON16 was a huge success leading to requests from attendees for #TASCON17 to be held and last but not the least the winner for the #SelfieContest was Mitchell Dudani (@mitchdudani), Best #Twitterati Contest was Anshuman Mukherjee (@anshumanhr) and the Two Lucky Draw Wild Card entries were Tatyasaheb Kolage (@Tatya_Kolage) & Rakesh Suvare.  While the SourcePRO Lucky draw winner was Parth Gupta from Passions. Now wouldn’t you agree that #TASCON16 was a huge success? Stay tuned to know more follow us @Sourcingadda about the event that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Best Tools & Techniques used in Recruitment Process

We’ve been into the Talent Acquisition Industry for quite some time and we’re familiar with the tools & techniques that are commonly used by most of us. But would you like to know about the other Tools & Techniques that are available?

If you’re answer is yes, then you’d like to know about the #SourcingChat on, “Best Tools & Techniques used in Recruitment Process” if you’ve missed it. But don’t fret you can still catch up with the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat and here they are…


Q1. The importance of tools in sourcing & recruiting? #SourcingChat

A1. Use of #tech tools in #Sourcing & #recruiting is to reduce timelines, bring efficiency, improve #experience #SourcingChat

A1 A Modern tool to minimize the time length between sourcing, recruitment & selection #sourcingchat

Q2. What are the various recruitment tools you use for sourcing passive candidates? #SourcingChat

A2. #dribble #behance #github #stackoverflow #Googlesearch #Twitter #Linkedin #googleplus #facebook #SourcingChat

A2: GitHub, stack overflow, LinkedIn, recruitin, angellist, behance and dribbble for UX techgig #sourcingchat

Q3. What are the tools you use for your daily job like Job posting, mass mailing etc.? #SourcingChat

A3 job postings, LinkedIn messages, interacting with applicants, search, re search, headhunting, networking #SourcingChat

A3: Posting in LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook via Buffer& posting in respective groups in social media #Sourcingchat

A3 For Job Posting We use #WhatsApp Groups #LinkedIn @iimjobs #careersite & #jobportals – We do mix- Free & Paid sites #sourcingchat

Q4. Importance of Excel and Reporting in Sourcing or Recruiting. What tools you use? #SourcingChat

A4. Helps to take more informed decision, reduces work repetition & duplication #SourcingChat

A4: Excel has been there for ages. Newer ones like InsightSquared are gaining popularity. #SourcingChat

Q5. How effectively these tools make your work easy? #SourcingChat

A5: best to arrange your work and track your candidates #sourcingchat

A5: Improves managing productivity at scale, Helps with operatinoal rigour and assists in almost stock market like reporting #SourcingChat

Q6. Name any one of your favorite recruitment/sourcing tool? Why? #SourcingChat

A6. @LinkedIn . Being a professional and part of a fast growing/ changing world one can’t afford to not have presence on it. #SourcingChat

A6. Tools will come and go. Some will evolve. But magic of #Boolean will always charm and help us 🙂 #sourcingchat

Well these were the best ones we came across in the #SourcingChat that was conducted. I’m sure that if you’ve read this far then you’ve come across something you like and you want to know more. In that case you need to follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming events. So don’t be left out of all the action be a part of it by joining in to remain updated at all times.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portals

We’ve all aware of the changing scenario in the Talent Acquisition Industry and would like to keep ourselves updated by adding to our knowledge from time to time. Keeping this in mind we decided to challenge ourselves and our knowledge about the Recruitment Industry that all are passionate about with a discussion.

And what better way is there than posing it as a discussion topic for our Wednesday’s Discussion that we all so enjoy @SourcingAdda? On that note the discussion topic was on, “Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portals” as suggested by our Bangalore Group i.e. Neha. And here’s what we uncovered…

Current Hiring Trends or Recruitment channels other than job portalsThis brings our insightful discussion and challenge to an end with lots of takeaways to add to our knowledge. And I’m sure that if we thought we’re updated with the current trends then we can be certain now after this conversation. If you’d like to be a part of our discussion and upcoming activities then follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates. If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience in the Talent Acquisition sphere then register for #TASCON16 fast and network with the best minds in the Industry.

Whats App Group Chat – Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and your reasons why?

With the appraisals round the corner everyone is on the hunt to prove why they deserve a raise but how many of us have been realistic in our responses and expectations?  Exactly, most of us usually tend to ignore the reality in our responses and expectations. Everyone wants the max and most definitely expect a hike.

This is the reality hence we @SourcingAdda decided to utilise this opportunity to help you stop and think about things that wouldn’t cross your mind otherwise. The opportunity we are referring to here is our popular Wednesday Discussions. Yet again the discussion topic was suggested by our Whats App Group Chat member from the Delhi group i.e. Raveena. The discussion topic was on, “Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and why?”  And here’s what we uncovered…

Appraisal Expectations vs Reality and your reasons why v1

Well we can conclude from the above conversation that there are a few things that make a world of a difference to the appraisals one receives. But we can all be realistic in the pay hikes we would like to get before deciding on the raises. In the meantime we received a lot of responses that we all should think about at the time of our next appraisals.

If you liked this discussion and would like to learn and know more please follow us @Sourcingadda  for real time updates  to our upcoming events. Meanwhile you might want to register for #TASCON16 to grab the opportunity to add to your learning. Here you will get to interact with Industry experts to gain valuable insights. These insights will keep you updated and are sure to assist you in your quest to finding those needles in the haystack Talents everyone is seeking out.

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