5 Reasons for Recruiters to Monitor Social Media

Traditional methods of Recruitment are gradually being replaced by Social Media, seeing as it is a new era that is evolving at a fast pace. The task of a Recruiter just got easier and more fun. Never before has obtaining contacts been so simple and acquiring Candidates of calibre is now easy too.

If you thought that Social Media was only for portraying your social presence and to catch up or mingle with your friends, well think again. Owing to the huge success that is Social Media and its ever responsive users, even Business owners have realised the potential of Social Media and its effectiveness in marketing their products.

So before you post something on your page, stop for a minute and analyse your posts because even employers are active on these sites. What you post is evaluated and viewed at the time of job hunting too. And don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you because you’re a Recruiter in fact it mainly applies to you as you’re representing your company.

As a Recruiter part of your job description usually requires you to not just monitor Social Networking sites but to build your network as well. And the way to enhance the quality and quantity of your Connections is through Social Media. So why monitor Social Media?

5 Reasons for Recruiters to Monitor Social Media

Online Presence

Well if every second person is active on Social Media you too are probable there; working hard to collect potential candidates for your company. Well even employers and their competitors are fairly active online but for branding. Doesn’t this make you wonder, what a small world we live in? Everyone you’d want to contact and the ones you wish didn’t get in touch with you are all there doing the same thing, you do. Thus your presence or the company’s is equally important hence be cautious and professional on the page at all times.

Monitor the Online Presence

With similar companies mushrooming in different pockets, it is absolutely essential that you know and have first-hand information on the latest developments in your connections and that of your competitors. Hence, the proverb, “the early bird catches the worm” holds true for anyone in the Recruiting business and for a company’s competitors too.

Track Candidates

Although Social Media has made the task of reaching customers fairly easy it also requires you to monitor them so that you are targeting the right people with your job specs. This is important especially when you have over 2 billion people active on Social Media sites with different interests and counting. You don’t want your efforts wasted; you want it to be worth your time and effort spent, to achieve the best results and being cost effective. You don’t want to market to the wrong people and risk losing potential Candidates while simultaneously affecting the company’s reputation.

Get Queries Resolved

Resolving the queries that potential Candidates bring forth via interviews is a part of the Recruiting process but a vital one. This is because it plays an important role in the Candidate’s decision making process. By giving solutions you speed up the process and are likely to land with the desired Candidate at the right time, before they are picked up by another company. Let’s face it acquiring good talent is not a common occurrence but rather a rare one.  If you’re a Recruiter you’d agree to this statement.

Identify New Marketing Opportunities

The Social Media platform is filled with endless opportunities that haven’t yet been discovered, so why not be the first to use it to your advantage. This will automatically filter out those competitors who haven’t yet encountered this method before they catch up with you. This will give you access to the best pool of Candidates available at that time and that too with the right calibre.

Like I always say explore all your opportunities before you decide on one and stick to it and even then explore some more. As you will never know when that effort will pay off and land you with a suitable and adequately qualified employee. So look for a way on how you can convince him / her to join your company or risk losing that Candidate to another instead. You definitely don’t want that, now do you?


Insights into Social Media Monitoring

Social Media monitoring has now become essential for every individual who refers to themselves as a recruiter or Sourcer. The concept of Social Media Monitoring has recently caught up with the current trends due to the realisation of its effectiveness in almost all aspects of a successfully run business.

So if you’re wondering what these “Insights in to Social Media Monitoring” are then you’ll be glad to know that this is exactly what will be covered as you move forward. These are the things that you should be focused on while monitoring either yours or the company’s page. So let’s begin with the basics.


Watch the Opinions expressed

Well individual opinions matter a lot, so check if the opinions mentioned are positive or negative. If negative, you need to check if it is following a certain pattern. If that is the case then you need to identify all the possible reasons for the case.

Focus on the Feedback

Even paying attention to the feedback given by customers about your product or services and the feedback floating around Twitter too can give you information that you wouldn’t come across otherwise.

Check the Questions Mentioned

Even the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can help a great deal as these common questions is what your consumers are looking for answers to. So you can use this opportunity to create a piece of content that helps answer all these queries.

Keep Track of your links

By keeping track of who’s linking to you, helps so that you can link back to them. Remember that social media is all about linking and connecting to more individuals to expand and build your connections. Simply because you need to build your brand up if you are seeking individuals to join your firm.

Language used

Remember that the language used is simple and easy to understand by the masses in general. So it has to be precise and to the point as far as possible because you want your potential customers or in this case your recruits to understand full well about the company they are hoping to work for. Another aspect that plays a role is if your company has information in different languages make sure that it is appropriately and correctly translated. You don’t want to miss guide your visitors.

Resolve Issues

If most of your customers are complaining of the same problems with your product, you can utilise this opportunity to fix the problems and let your customers know that you have resolved the issue. Your audience is likely to respond to you if they know that their issues have been taken in to consideration and not fallen onto deaf ears. This needs to be rectified at the earliest, as this will boost your response rate.

Content monitoring

Apart from the language used you also need to check if there are repeated topics, because this will give you insights into the common and recurring topics that most people are interested in. So you know what interest’s your audience hence you can put in measures in place that keeps them glued and wanting for more, thus they are engaged. This is supposed to be your main goal.

These are but a few that I’ve come across, so if in case you know of a few more or are aware of some that I haven’t yet mentioned and that are part of the points discussed, then you can always mention them via our comments section. It is designed just for that, so make sure that you use it and helps us improve and update the information that we already have.

5 Ways to Mobile Marketing: The Apps Revolution!

With Smart phones and Tablets flooding the markets and finding their way in almost every home, it is only natural that mobile marketing would facilitate a company’s branding and marketing. If there was an easier and efficient way to market your products or the company’s branding that too being cost effective wouldn’t you want to use it? Well mobile marketing is bound to be the most effective way to market ones products and the company’s branding as you can reach out to a wide range of customers. In view of this recent development we have come up with a list of Apps that can assist ones marketing needs and improve the strategies implemented.



It was developed back in 2008 and is still a popular social media dashboard that allows you to post, monitor and measure social media sites. You can instantly and conveniently access all of your social media channels using Hootsuite. It also has the analytics feature to give you information on your activity and help you improve your results to increase traffic towards your website.


Another popular app after Hootsuite, allows you not only to manage but also monitor your main social media accounts at once. You can instantly schedule the content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Aside from this you can analyze the performance of your posts. Here too you can customize and set up your own updating schedule for each account, at different times throughout the week according to your audience.


It has been rated as one of the top CRM platforms. The main aim for creating Nimble was to help professionals build better online relationships. It enables its users to track, monitor and maintain relations by unifying the contact information, social media profiles of important connections and online conversations in one location thus simplifying ones digital communications.


It is considered as the best RSS News Reader website that lets you access all the information about your favorite sites and blogs all in one place. All the content that you are interested in is delivered directly to your Smart phone or Tablet quickly and conveniently. Some additional features include a popular section at the top of each feed to ensure that certain content isn’t overlooked, a custom sharing preference so that its members can send articles straight to their chosen clipper.

Facebook App

If you are on Facebook and are looking for the same experience on a mobile then the Facebook App does exactly that. If you use Facebook as one of your main social media channels for your business, this handy tool helps you to share status updates and content with your followers and that too while on the move. Along similar lines both Twitter and Google+ too have their own app that gives you the same experience as a webpage would but on a mobile instead.

These apps if used efficiently will definitely boost your mobile marketing results and improve your stand in a competitive market, provided your website is easily viewable on a mobile. So make sure that you have these apps to assist your company’s branding and increase traffic to your website.


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Twitter’s new features – Group Chat via Direct Message & Video Tweets

Twitter is definitely one of the popular social media channels used by most individuals and it has no intention of relinquishing its title either. As a result it has upgraded its features to improve the experience of its growing user base. Twitter’s two new features i.e. Group Chat via Direct Message and Video Tweets. The Group Chat via Direct Message enables users to interact with more than one individual at a time privately.

As a regular Twitter user, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Direct Message feature that is used so often to interact with individuals at large. The upgrades to Twitter’s features, now helps users not only to connect with one individual but to a group of individuals simultaneously.


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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters

In a technology driven age, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are switching over to modern methods of recruiting as compared to the traditional methods. The recent developments in Social Media have made recruiting efficient, cost effective and faster. It is only fair that more and more companies will use Social Media platforms to source candidates.Hence, a recruiter needs all the help they can get to simplify the process of candidate selection. Social Media platforms help build communities and aggregate their vacancies. Hence measuring the effectiveness of Social Media proves to be a challenge, thus the need for tools to monitor these platforms becomes essential. In view of this we have listed out the “Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Recruiters”.5OutoftheBoxSourcingTipsning Read more of this post
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