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finalIn a technology driven world where every second person you see is glued to a smart phone it is only natural that the process of recruiting will eventually move onto a cost effective and efficient platform. This platform is social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. Leveraging these platforms is a preferred strategy for most individuals that are part of the recruiting process be it a recruiter, sourcer, head-hunter, hiring consultancy or agency or an employer.

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6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies that you should be using

The advent of Social media no doubt has made a recruiter’s job relatively easy and has also improved their performance on the whole. Ever thought about what if the effectiveness with which a task is performed can be simplified further and that to with the right tools. Now, wouldn’t that make all the difference?
In view of this need, there are certain tips that might prove useful and even boost your recruiting process nonetheless. So let’s begin with the popular Social Media sites instead to find out what these “6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies that you should be using” are and how to implement them.


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LinkedIn Updates its InMail Credits and Renewals

For recruiters, LinkedIn’s new updates to its InMail credits and renewals seem to be good news to its users. Because these changes can improve its user’s efficiency thus their performance too will ameliorate simultaneously. I’m sure that by now you too are asking the same question as me i.e. what updates, LinkedIn has made to its InMail credits and renewals?  So let’s find out about these changes and use them to our advantage.
But before we move on to the nitty – gritty of things there are a few things that we first need to be aware of. Come this new year, LinkedIn has made their policies for accounts live and have also stated the different types of accounts that users can avail the benefit of. These accounts are designed for specific individuals to suite their requirements and hence are categorised accordingly. Each of these accounts has specific InMail credits, so let’s find out about the Recruiting Accounts i.e. Recruiter Lite, Recruiter Professional Services and Recruiter Corporate.

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Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!

With another year ending it’s only natural that all active recruiters are curious about the trends that might make the 2015 year market. So if you are one of those recruiters who like to be aware of the possible challenges that they may face then you have come to the right place.

Therefore here are the “Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!” that are likely to make the 2015 charts in the recruitment industry. So let’s begin with what you can expect the charts to be like for the year 2015 up ahead.


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5 Important Aspects to a Smart Hire

The recruiting field is constantly evolving to meet the current trends so also is the task of hiring qualified and suitable candidates with the right calibre. Finding such candidates isn’t easy and candidates that display the right attitude are even harder to find. In such a case making sure you hire the right candidate isn’t an easy task to perform. Therefore, here are “5 Important aspects to a Smart Hire” that you should keep in mind before you make a hire.

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