Best Practices on how candidates should approach Head-hunters?

A common practice within the recruiting field is that of headhunting. It’s not a popular technique for various reasons but is an effective one. If you’re wondering whether you can get in touch with them or if you are of the opinion that they aren’t approachable then you’re mistaken.  And if you are wondering how to approach head – hunters then you are on the right track.

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with this form of sourcing candidates, let me introduce the same.  These individuals usually get in touch with potential candidates via visiting them at their current work place or meeting at their favourite restaurant and also via making cold calls. I know this doesn’t sound professional but you’d be surprised with the success that they have had so far. Therefore, here are some, “Best Practices on how Candidates should approach Head – hunters?

HeadhuntersningKnow when to ask questions and what kind
What you need to know about head-hunting is that there is a difference between the first and second contact and conversations. If you need to approach them you need to be aware of this. So your questions should be suitable.

First line of contact
If it is the first contact then here are some examples of the kind of questions they are likely to answer such as –

  • You can ask the head-hunter the Name and company for which they are working for
  • Other details like the date, address, phone number or email address for further contact can be asked
  • You can also ask them for a brief description of the vacant position
  • Questions regarding more details about the job location are also welcomed

Second line of Connection
Since it is the second time you will be contacting them or meeting them then that too has certain questions that you are likely to get answers for. More specific questions regarding the details of the company and the requirements of the client etc. can be addressed such as –

  • The Company size, revenue, industry focus, current economic situation, etc. to name a few
  • Information on the department with the position such as the leadership span, control and hierarchies
  • What are the current processes involved
  • Who are the Reporting lines or heads
  • Was there a predecessor or is this a new role?
  • How the training phase is designed?
  • What are the expected challenges in the role?
  • If there are specific Professional skills and soft skills that are required and if they can be developed

Know which questions to avoid
If you’re a candidate then this is specifically for you. Refrain from asking questions like –

  • “How did you get my phone number?”
  • Avoid condescending behaviour as far as possible
  • Don’t only be interested in on salary
  • Don’t pretend to be interested in a wrong position

These are but only few precautions one needs to take before approaching head-hunters, especially if one wishes to get their questions answered and that too with a peaceful mind. So the next time you meet a head – hunter, be sure to remember these simple yet important aspects and get your questions answered and build strong relations.


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