5 More Recruiting Myths Busted

The Recruitment field is just like any other field when it comes to presumptions that keep circulating within the field itself. Both recruiters and job seekers tend to fall prey to these myths. These are generally people who are usually on their feet at all times, sourcing for candidates.

During the process of recruitment these individuals aren’t always aware of the rumours spreading around and I can’t blame them because there are always new rumours floating around on a regular bases. The least I can do to help is to highlight the ones that I’ve come across to help them identify the myths that they are probably following. In view of this, here are “5 More Recruiting Myths Busted.”


Myth 1: Only firms that come to your college are recruiting graduates
This is so not true, because there are several other firms that recruit fresh graduates. Just because you can only see a few doesn’t mean that these are the only firms recruiting. It’s important to note that these firms have opted for campus recruiting as it is cost effective and is a best strategy to recruit in bulk if that is what their objective is. The other firms make use of other techniques to help them achieve their target employs.

Myth 2: Skipping a scheduled campus interview is not a big deal
If you think it doesn’t matter you are sourly mistaken, this shows that you are irresponsible and the next time you go for that interview you might not be on the employers selection list, especially if they have better candidates who stick to the interview scheduled. And if you are on their list you are probably better than the ones they have come across. But don’t mistake this as a compliment it isn’t one. These are individuals that value their time a lot so when you or a volume of you’ll don’t show up, you are actually disrespecting them and wasting their time.

Myth 3: Campus Recruitment is the only way to get a graduate job
If students buy this they’re horribly mistaken; because apart from on – campus recruitment, recruiters have several other ways to hire graduates. So if you’re not aware then here is a list that will open up more opportunities for you to land a job. Some other ways that recruiters use are –

  • Attending Job or Career fairs
  • Boosting your presence on popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+)
  • Using Job Portals by uploading a compelling résumé
  • Hiring Agents or through consultants
  • Through Referrals and networking in the real world
  • Directly apply for job openings by visiting the company website itself

Myth 4: Right after a successful campus recruitment interview you will be offered the job
Well this is going to be hard to digest if you’re a fresher because I know you’re looking for a job. But this isn’t true. But the good news is that if the interviewer liked you, you’ll definitely get a call back. That to me is something to look forward to, as you are now going through an actual interview. Doesn’t this sound so much better?

Myth 5: Only the career centre gets to decide who is interviewed
Sorry to burst your bubble but the ones who approve the Campus Recruitment aren’t the deciders but the individual recruiter’s get to decide whom to interview. Besides all the institutes can do is recommend you if the employer asks for suggestions and get you in touch with the hiring company, but that’s about it according to the information that I have.

I hope this was as informative as it was for me and I hope this will help you to identify any of the myths that you might be following that you aren’t aware of. If you have some more to add do let us know by jotting them down in our comments section.


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