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Hike Group Chat – Can Sourcing Play a Role in Identifying Fake Candidates while Screening?

The weekly discussions that we have are very insightful so if you aren’t already a member then you’re missing out on some insightful perspectives mind you. At Sourcing Adda we encourage our fellow Talent Acquisitionist to express their views on several Industry related topics.

The discussion we had this time shared some light on the topic, “Can Sourcing Play a Role in Identifying Fake Candidates while screening or should it be taken care of at the interview stage by the panel/recruiter?” This topic was suggested by one of our Hike Group members Siby and here’s what we discovered… 1Untitled-2This brings an end to this great discussion and it’s safe to say that although Sourcing does play a role in identifying fake candidates even Recruiters do; but especially the testing and QA team are far more effective in fake candidate’s identification. And even though a fake candidate is identified as highlighted from the conversation above it would be wise to let the candidate on-board to give them a chance to prove themselves besides we can always decide later whether to continue to keep them; provided they perform well. For more such inputs and to participate in our upcoming activities please follow us on @SouricngAdda.


WhatsApp Group Chat – What are those incidents, experiences, experiments and out of the box ideas which helped you to successfully achieve KRAs?

For the WhatsApp Group Chat discussion that we had, we decided to do something different as we knew that our members were constantly inundated with information. For this reason the topic of discussion was on, what is that one (or more) incident/experience/experiment/out of the box idea which you have implemented in your daily work which resulted in placements or helped you in successfully achieving your KRAs? Well we received an outpour of responses from our members and here’s what we came across…12I’d like to include all the tips that were shared along with these impressive incidents, experiences, experiments and out of the box ideas but the list would be endless. More importantly I didn’t know that we were in the presence of such creative individuals, well now I do and I’m really glad to get to know them. If you want to be a part of these chats to learn more tips then follow @SourcingAdda.

Getting Hired and Digital Recruiting

The advancement in technology has undoubtedly brought people closer together. As a result we have become more globally connected. While the internet serves as a very good tool for getting connected and being connected with your friends and relatives; whether close and far off it should be noted that it is also an exceptional tool for recruiting too.

Modern recruiters now focus on social media recruiting and sourcing therefore a job seeker’s first impression is no longer done during a personal interview but rather through social networks such as Facebook. So if you have an online presence it is essential that you watch what you post and display as recruiters relay on these platforms to get a first impression of a potential candidate.

Getting Hired and Digital Recruiting

Statistics of Digital Recruiting

Several studies have been conducted and the statistics in recruitment showed that 30 % of all google searches are mostly job related, 94% of recruiters either use or plan to use social media for recruiting, close to 78% of recruiters have already hired via social media, over 1 billion endorsements are done on LinkedIn and 93 % of recruiters now look at social profiles. Lately a new trend is followed in recruiting with 43% of job seekers now looking for and applying to jobs through mobiles. 73% of job seekers within the age range of 18 to 40 year olds have used social networks and landed their last job via these platforms (careerenlightenment.com).

Top Social Recruiting Sites

Of the several social media sites the top and the most used by recruiters due to the results obtained are LinkedIn with 94%, followed by Facebook with 65%, in close competition to Facebook is Twitter with 55%, followed by Google+ and YouTube with 18% and 15% respectively. In addition 94% of recruiter’s use Social media for their own job hunting (careerenlightenment.com).

Tips for Tech Savvy individuals

  • Be careful of the information you share and what you do online, as there are lots of fake job search sites that use your information for illegal use. Besides be prepared for someone checking up on you.
  • Beware of sites that don’t name the people involved, don’t offer contact information and ones that have an inadequate privacy policy.
  • Use a separate email id for job searching or create one that doesn’t say too much of you. Make a simple one such as your name@email address.domain.
  • There are chances that a potential employer will check up on your social media site, so be sure to add information regarding your volunteer work and work experience.
  • Don’t conduct your job search at your current employer’s expense, as many companies monitor your computer use and email and will know if you are job searching instead of working.

These are some tips that most individuals with an online presence tend to forget or don’t pay attention too. So if you are a sourcer, recruiter or simply a job seeker you too need to focus on these aspects as it has a bearing on future career prospects.

If you are someone who still relies on traditional methods of recruiting its probably time to wake up and be In with the crowd as your chances of acquiring a job via traditional methods is rather miniscule. As you need to adapt to modern methods of recruiting if you want results and speed up the process.

Top Tweets of the Sourcing Chat – Candidate assessments does it matter at every level?

It’s time to refresh our memories on the SourcingChat (#SourcingChat) that was conducted by our all-time favourite Community, Can you guess which? Yes, you’ve guessed right Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda). We at Sourcing Adda would like to thank all our participants for sharing their interesting insights about “Candidate assessments, does it matter at every level?” It was quite informative for the ones present. But let’s get right to the point and find out which were the Top Tweets of the SourcingChat (#SourcingChat). Interesting enough…SourcingChat

Well this sure was quite informative, I mean there were things that I wasn’t aware of until the SourcingChat and I’m sure you too weren’t aware. Besides we had a lot of views expressed and I can say that it was a success this is because of the feedback we received from our Tweeters. If you’ve enjoyed the Chat then I’ sure you’re waiting to know when we’re having the next Chat. To get timely updates be sure to follow us @Sourcing Adda or #SourcingChat.

5 Effective Social Media Metrics for Business Tracking

The internet is the perfect source of information about any topic be it Social Media monitoring or simply tracking your business on social channels. The recent developments have caused companies and Talent Acquisition professionals to track any other activity related to a business’ presence on Social Media. For obvious reasons I need not mention.

With that being said most Talent Acquisition professionals especially company owners need to not only monitor but also track the Business activity on Social Media if it is to be a success thus we have 5 effective social media metrics for business tracking.Funnel_diagram


Under this section the aspect you need to watch out for is track you’re Audience Growth Rate. This is essential as it helps you to directly connect Social Media data with the business’ profits. This depicts the Social Media momentum, thus enabling you to get first – hand information about how you are progressing. The other metrics that are related to this is Audience Growth and Total followers.


You need to track the Average Engagement Rate as it helps you to check the results of your efforts and whether you need to make changes or are there any ways that you can improve your efforts to get you the desired results you’re looking for. Similar metrics to this are Reach, Audience Growth Rate and Overall engagement.


Here you need to track the Visitor Frequency Rate with this metric you get a clear idea about the number of return visitors you’re posts’ receive thus enabling you to identify which topics are of interest to the viewers. This knowledge in return gives you an idea of the kind of posts that interest them so you can get them to engage with. The other metrics to monitor are Click – Thru Rate and Impressions from Social Media. You can use tools like Google analytics to get the statistics of referral traffic from Social Media.


There are two kinds of Metrics to track here i.e. is Assisted Social Conversions and Direct Click Conversions. Although the Direct Click Conversions might not show the effect of your efforts but the Assisted Social Conversions very well can. In order to gather the information you’re seeking out you need to define specific conversion goals. You can use this information to compare last click (direct) conversions another Metrics to track.


The metrics that you need to track here is Customer Service Savings. This particular metrics will show you the impact on your business’ growth a result of the activity you receive. The formula to get this data is Avg. Time x Costs Per Hour x Customer Service Inquiries Completed = Savings. The other related metrics to track are Customer Service Costs and Social Media posts.

Well if you’ve taken care of all of this then you should get important date which you can compare to derive newer ways to attract audience to your site and products or services your company offers. So make sure you have all of these aspects covered when implementing them. If you have any views to share do tell.

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