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WhatsApp Group Chat – Should hiring decisions be influenced by candidate information on Social channels?

The WhatsApp Group Chat discussion that was held tuned out to be quite informative for all Talent Acquisition Professionals present. What’s more we had a plethora of perspectives expressed and all present benefitted. It is said, “Learning never stops”. And coming across interesting conversations like these has proved that it still holds true. Don’t you agree?

Besides it’s for reasons like this that having a forum where like-minded individuals can come together to interact and share their views that helps us all become better learners. Hence, the discussion on, “should hiring decisions be influenced by the candidate information on Social channels?” was a success. So let’s find out what the discussion was and enlighten ourselves in turn. Sounds great, doesn’t it?123This brings our amazing conversation to an end. The success of this one only makes us realise that we can look forward to another worthwhile discussions next time around. Be sure to join us by following @SourcingAdda for more inputs from Thought Leaders that is sure to alter the way we look at things and the information that we already know.

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