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Recruitment – Out of Love

The unpleasant truth is recruitment is perceived by most as a job and not a career. With formal training in the field almost unheard of, people simply embark on it because they couldn’t make it elsewhere. But that perception, for sure, is changing slowly and steadily. With recruitment firms mushrooming, proliferating and then gradually overtaking the biggies in the domain, many are now warming up to the idea of making a career out of it.

Recruitment agents mostly begin as trainee and are usually provided with on-the-job training and mentoring in the first few months. Like sales, the job is target driven. One’s progress depends mostly on attaining and surpassing targets that have been set. The set hierarchy sees one advance to the position of a senior consultant and then to that of a manager. Remember, recruitment is an indispensable part of every business operation.

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