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5 Myths of Recruitment & Selection – Debunked


Just like most fields have certain myths so also the Recruitment Industry too has assumptions that people have followed till date. These misconceptions that are held are followed blindly and the field of Recruitment is no exception.

The misconceptions need to be checked and rectified in time or else it will affect the performance and efficiency with which Recruiters function. This will in turn affect the quality of the hires. We as Recruiters need to be aware of the “Myths of Recruitment & Selection”, if we are to recognise any of the Myths that apply to us. Therefore, here is a list of the, “5 Myths of Recruitment & Selection – Debunked”

Myth 1 – Job Board Ads & the Website are most Effective Recruiting tools

Well that used to be the case earlier but with the updates to Social Networking sites everything is going digital. Due to the recent developments such as Boolean Search Strings, Application Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) this no longer holds true. Isn’t this a shocker?

Myth 2 – All Experienced Individuals are Egomaniacs

If you are doing this, “stop it right now” because you will be turning down individuals of exceptional talent and calibre. You will be depriving yourself and the company staff of the benefit of the tips, tools, techniques and the wisdom an experienced person has to offer.

Myth 3 – Best Applicants, Make the Best Employees

Are you wondering why an applicant who nailed the interview, got selected for the job but turned out to be the exact opposite of what you had expected him / her to perform on the job? Don’t fret,  you probably have been a victim to this myth just like others before you, so next time ensure that you evaluate all the aspects before you make a decision to hire them.

Myth 4 – All Shortlisted candidates, must be asked the same questions

While it helps to ask similar questions as it reduces our work and also helps us gauge and compare the answers. It isn’t very effective because you are skipping information that differentiates one from the other.

Myth 5 – You cannot Prompt Applicants to respond to the questions favourably

Sometimes it helps a great deal to prompt as it helps them to develop a rapport that gives them confidence to ponder further and give you a straight answer. This will tell a lot more about the person as compared to the first impression you had of them.

If you can relate to any of these Myths or recognise the ones that you practice, it’s probably a good time to take a step back and evaluate the other Myths that have gone unnoticed so that you can then unlearn what doesn’t apply. Besides if you are practicing any of these Myths the individuals that you hire aren’t probably the right ones. So go ahead and evaluate them without these misconceptions affecting your decision to hire the Candidate.


Whats App Group Chat – What changed in Recruitment in the last 10yrs and what’s next?

We’ve been hearing and talking about all things related to Talent Acquisition and Human Resource in are favourite Wednesday’s discussions that are all taken in good stride by all our members. Being a part of these discussions and an active one at that, if it has taught us anything it has definitely added to our learning.

Therefore we decided to look into our hat of ideas to find out what our next discussion topic should be and before we knew it our member Manish from Pune WhatsApp Group suggested we talk about what changed in Recruitment in the last 10yrs and what’s next? We decided to go with it as it was a challenge to test our knowledge and find out the changes that the Recruitment Industry went under and what we can expect next as future developments. And here’s what we discovered…




From the nature of the conversation above we can state that this discussion was quite interesting with lots of inputs put forth by our WhatsApp members. We can even conclude that we’ve learnt a lot and most definitely we have all added to our knowledge at least to those of us who’ve attended it. If you’d like to be a part of these conversations and participate in our upcoming activities then follow @SourcingAdda and don’t forget to join us at #TASCON16 to interact with Thought Leaders of the Industry.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Best Practices for Improving Offer to Joining Ratio

The activity with the most responses i.e. the Wednesday’s Discussion being the Hike Group Chat will now resume on the WhatsApp Platform. This new development was taken well by all the Members of the North, South, West and East Group.

This decision to revert back on WhatsApp was made upon the request of our loyal Hike Group Members. So we @SourcingAdda  now have 8 groups in total as before namely Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Gujarat. Where we’ll continue all our activities including our favourite discussions we all await eagerly to add to our knowledge.

Therefore this time our discussion was on, “Best Practices for Improving Offer to Joining Ratio” as suggested by Kanhaiya Lal and here’s what we discovered…


Well this brings an end to our discussion and I’m sure you’ve added to your knowledge as I have. So many views expressed. Now wasn’t that a great session leaving you enlightened and anyone with the willingness to learn. A big thank you to our fellow Talent Acquisitionists for sharing their ideas and perspective I’m sure all of us present and the ones reading this that means you have also benefitted from this recap.

To get more updates to our upcoming activities please follow @SourcingAdda and to avail the early bird discount for #TASCON16  another amazing place to network and learn from the Thought Leaders in the Industry register fast. Trust me when I say you’ll have an experience that is worth attending.

Using Latest Communication Tools for Recruitment


The modern techniques or trends of recruitment have boosted the Sourcing process for recruiters and companies as well. The modern method of recruiting no doubt has improved the recruitment process due to easy access to a huge database of Social Media like LinkedIn.

Gone are the days where job seekers went through job ads in newspapers while employers waited and hoped that the right candidate would walk in. Most recruiters and human resource departments have resorted to modern methods of sourcing candidates.

Social Media a Recruiting Tool

One of the modern ways of recruiting is through Social Media platforms like LinkedIn. Everyone who is anybody most definitely is on LinkedIn so getting desired applicants is now easy. Most Sourcers looking to fill in a vacancy would do better if they used social media sites. These sites with a huge database of Candidates also have at their disposal all the necessary information a Recruiter is looking for and is cost effective too.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow employers to post job ads on these sites, apart from this they can even swift through potential candidate profiles and create a selection list of candidates that are suitable for the post. This is possible because these sites also give all the necessary information to Sourcers. Therefore they are perfect ways to source Candidates with caliber. They can even help you schedule your job postings at an appropriate time that yields maximum results.

Mobile as a Recruiting Tool

Well if you thought that social media is probably the only trend that most employers follow to capture candidates you are mistaken. Because aside from Social Media Recruiting you also have Mobile Recruiting as the recent trend making its mark, due to its availability. Besides it is easier for most individuals to access as it is flexible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The flexibility it provides enables individuals not only to view job postings but also to apply to the ones that interest them instantly no matter where they are or even if they are on the move. When conducting Mobile Recruiting you need to ensure that your job posting is visible on a small screen like a Mobile and is easily viewable without disruptions.

Both these tools if used together can boost your search for the right Candidate at it gives you access to Passive Candidates apart from the active ones. Each tool has its own advantages that can speed up the process of Recruiting and capture suitable Candidates for the vacancy. Therefore for modern Recruiters knowledge about Sourcing Candidates via Social Media channels and Mobile Recruitment are essential.

Let’s not forget our all-time favorite Recruiting methods of communication like a simple message, email and the most effective way to verify the information making a call and then having a face to face interaction with suitable Candidate.

These are some of the most effective methods of sourcing Candidates that have served Recruiters well and continue to be as effective as before. So go ahead and use these methods to receive results and select the suitable Candidates.

Hike Group Chat – Recruiting Trends that Matter in 2016

It’s 2016 and we’re all wondering what this year has in store for us. On that particular note it’s only right that we take a moment to think about what the Recruiting Trends look like for this year. Having highlighted that @Souricngadda every Wednesday we hold discussions where our members get the opportunity to interact with like – minded individuals and add to their knowledge.

These discussions give us a chance to see the other side of things that we don’t usually get to see or learn on a daily basis. Hence the topic for discussion was on “Recruiting Trends that Matter in 2016” as suggested by Sarang. And here’s what we discovered…


Well we received some interesting perspectives through this discussion and now it’s time to be patient and see how much of it comes true. In the meantime to get real time updates to our upcoming events follow us @Sourcingadda. And while you’re waiting to see if these aspects turn out to be true you might want to be a part of #TASCON16 and add to your knowledge as well.

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