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WhatsApp Group Chat – Gamification in On-boarding

We’ve heard a lot about Gamification done to boost Talent Acquisitionist’s performance, how it can improve the KRAs and case studies where the results were positive and in keeping with the assumptions. While we’re impressed by the results and progress we’ve received due to Gamification.  Have you thought of other possibilities where Gamification could be implemented to boost performance?

If you haven’t thought about it yet then let’s start with examples where Gamification can be implemented; for instance in other areas of a Recruiter’s profile or to boost employee performance. As always we’re one step ahead of you thanks to our WhatsApp group members. We @SourcingAdda  conduct weekly discussions every Wednesday where we had a discussion on, “Gamification in On-boarding” upon the suggestion of our Pune group member Kavitha.

Having said that, remember that we’ll be highlighting the key take a ways right after the chat displayed so be sure to check them out. You just might find something interesting worth adding to your knowledge, so here goes…


There you have it the discussion that went by which had some interesting insights that you’d like to know and add to your knowledge. We’ve got some ideas on conducting Gamification in on – boarding, including Gamification benefits and perspectives too.

Ideas for Gamification in On-boarding

  • You can go to Amoeba with the new employees after the induction lunch which enables Managers and New Employees to break the ice with a bowling game.
  • Apart from introducing New Joinees to various business lines you can distribute freebies such as company t-shirts or conduct games in the first week of joining in the office for newbies to interact in an unofficial part of on-boarding.
  • Send personalised gifts along with a letter to the new induct and have regular KITs along with short assignments.

Benefits of introducing Gamification in On-boarding

  • Conducting Gamification in on-boarding works well for the honeymoon stage of new hires
  • It aligns on-boarding and overall business goals, drives higher productivity, performance, engagement and improves retention while providing consistent and scalable results.

Perspectives about On-boarding

  • On-boarding begins even before an employee joins the company

Well this brings the insightful discussion to an end with lots of pointers to take away as always. If you’re no yet a part of these enlightening discussions then you’ve no idea what you’re missing out on. So if you haven’t joined these WhatsApp groups  than be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda for updates to our upcoming events and activities.

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WhatsApp Group Chat – Impact to the Naukri Monopoly due to Randstad buying Monster

There has been a gradual trend of buying businesses which makes it obvious to think of the impact such evolvements in the Recruitment Sphere will bring about.  In an attempt to understand what the impact will be we’ve taken a scenario and have had a discussion on it.

At Sourcing ADDA (@SourcingAdda) we conduct Wednesday discussions where a topic is picked mainly from the Members suggestions and a discussion is held. The topic for the discussion was conducted in reference to the article – Randstad buys Monster for $429M as recruitment consolidation continues.You can view it here http://goo.gl/ox1xQO  or https://techcrunch/2016/08/08/randstad-buys-monster-for-429m-as-recruitment-consolidation-continues. So the topic was on, “Randstad buying Monster; will this development impact the Naukri Monopoly; How & Why?” upon the suggestion of our Pune Group Member Manish. And here’s what we came across…



The discussion above is proof of the out pour of responses we’ve received and we can say that it was truly one heck of a discussion. How great is that? We’ve even got interesting tool to boost Sourcing such as Dice which is very good as it has a huge database and popularity and efinancial is great if you’re into domain based hiring. Moreover, IIM jobs is good for specialised positions but into H.R. Finance especially for management positions. Its database is less but the Talent quality is good and it won’t support small positions.

Well if you’re a loyal follower of @SourcingAdda then you’re waiting eagerly for the key pointers to take away, aren’t you? We’ll let’s not disappoint you; seeing as you’ve read this far. So here you go…

Commonalities with Job Portals

  • In current based job market job seekers hardly rely on portal based jobs as there are much better networks that provide instant reach
  • With times changing and the availability of better referral models the future portals will provide much more value added services in existence

Naukri – Indeed

  • The number of hits to Naukri will definitely decrease since Indeed is directing traffic away due to their algorithm


  • Naukri is unbeatable and irreplaceable in India
  • Depending on how they rank a posting when the same posting is found on 2 portals that will matter due to their algorithm
  • There’s always room for negotiations based on what products one subscribes for on Naukri
  • Naukri has its monopoly currently and will continue to do so as every single individual looking for an opportunity visit’s Naukri first and then comes to other portals like Monster etc.
  • Naukri is a tool for mass hiring in every sphere and space besides it may come up with additional features to counter the churn
  • Although it has a good database but the availability of Talent Sourcing requires Recruiters to update themselves and acquire skills to catch the desired Talent
  • Consolidation may happen but to find out how it appeals to the Job Searchers or Recruiters we’ll just have to wait and watch
  • Naukri needs to focus on the merger as India will have very little effect but it does have a unique database and reach but has lost its relevance
  • Naukri in India may not have much of an impact as it depends on the model which Randstad may come up with for its Clients and the alterations they make
  • Naukri was good for mid & senior level and IT profiles but since it’s up – gradation it isn’t that good now but may be good for mass hiring and non IT profiles
  • Due to its up-gradation it is not user friendly and there’s a lot of duplicity in its database
  • It should be more relevant in terms of its outreach & flexible in commercial offering
  • Naukri will have to cut their database cost after some time to keep pace with competitors
  • Naukri follows the concept of allotting Recruiters with individual accounts to showcase that they have many Recruiters posting a wide variety of opportunities


  • Indeed aggregates jobs from different portals so there is a possibility for it to end up being the one stop; shop for candidates
  • Indeed may remain as an aggregator but if Naukri decides to stop indeed from Crawling its site then indeed will be in trouble
  • You can stop indeed from crawling only when you password protect your entire website

Monster- Randstad

  • Monster- Randstad presence will have a lot of impact globally
  • In order to get a quick turnaround one needs to focus on developing a long term strategy and execute it efficiently
  • Monster- Randstad is jointly designing better products for corporate houses and they cannot rule the market overnight
  • There strategies need to be specific to the loopholes of Naukri to come up the curve
  • Randstad’s strong strategizing and its market know how the Industry works hence it is definitely a force to reckon with
  • Randstad as a giant in the staffing industry will definitely work on the improvement of Monster
  • Randstad’s US division needs to integrate their database on their ATS tool i.e. BULLHORN with Monster
  • Once completed it will help in getting a good amount of profiles and have started to work on uploading CV’S from several job boards in to their ATS based on the freshness of the profile
  • As an owner of Monster they need to focus on penetrating Monster to the people so they check for various positions in Monster and if they succeed this can increase the traffic


  • Randstad intends to build the world’s most comprehensive portfolio for HR services which will make Monster a Big Talent Poll
  • The plan will help Randstad to pitch in more effectively to strengthen their RPO model to their clients with a dedicated job board backup
  • Randstad may look at revamping the Monster portal in case they want to continue Monster in the longer run besides they have a greater international presence
  • Ranstad might be a big name in the international market however even they are struggling in the Indian market
  • To win the market share Randstad has to come up with a different approach and a very good database for employers and jobseekers
  • There is a lot of potential for Ranstad to utilise this acquisition provided they offer better services. The possibility to succeed looks dim unless they concentrate on a long term strategy and focus on developing client relationships


  • Monster would come up with an updated product related to RPO with first – hand experience of how the recruitment process / business works
  • Change of ownership won’t change Monsters standing as it’s just a backward integration strategy or perhaps a priority view of fresh profiles for Ranstad
  • Monster’s acquisition was to gain market share and fuel the availability of global resources but for now Monster continues as a separate BU
  • Monster is good for mid and senior level and even for IT profiles but it has to compete with new successful players like indeed, iimjobs, hirist and it will take a lot of time to rise up

Monster- Naukri

  • Monster was a better product but lost its race with Naukri due to its consistent, better service and their ability to penetrate deep in the Indian market with a wide domestic reach

CareerBuilder etc.

  • CareerBuilder has risen a lot in the US market and it will be interesting to see what strategies will be used against other risen job boards at home and abroad

Well this sums up everything that we found to be important and we can say that the discussion was worth our while as well as yours. If you’re not part of these discussions and would like to become a part of them then leave us a request to be added in to the WhatsApp groups in the comments section. And we’ll add you at the earliest else follow us @SourcingADDA and Tweet to us your request to be added into the WhatsApp groups and we’ll surely add you to them. You’ll also receive updates to our upcoming events and activities upon follow so be sure to follow us.

WhatsApp Group Chat – How can Recruiters be sure if Candidates are genuinely on bench?

In the Talent Acquisition profession that most of us as Talent Acquisitionist are passionate about we’ve certainly come across all types of Applicants. Be it Candidates serving a notice period, fresher’s applying for employments, candidates employed as interns, job seekers and the topic of discussion candidates on bench. All of these have one thing in common and that is there’re all Interviewees seeking better opportunities to advance in their career.

But the question that’s on everyone’s mind is how do you identify the genuine ones from the bluffing candidates? As a result; upon the request of our Bangalore group member Sheetal we’ve conducted our popular Wednesday’s discussion on, “How can Recruiters or Individuals be sure that Candidates are genuinely on the bench?” And here’s what we’ve discovered…

1Well from the discussion above we can confidently conclude that there are several solutions to deal with Candidates that are genuinely on bench. And here are the key take away pointers that we’ve come across…

  1. Speak to multiple candidates in the same project
  2. Ask question about the project in detail
  3. Cross question on notice period
  4. Verify by calling resources from the same project to be 100% sure
  5. Arranging a F2F round and Skype discussions on Weekdays to verify
  6. Verify by connections in HR
  7. Ask the Candidate to submit the offer letter wherein the available notice period is clearly mentioned
  8. Keep the communication strong and open

There you have it all the solutions that can ensure that Candidates are genuinely on bench. Now doesn’t this make the process easier and speed up the hiring process? So now you too and find the answer to your query, if you’re in the same scenario.

In the meantime be sure to leave your views in the comments section as we’re looking forward to them and follow us @SourcingAdda to gain real time insights on our upcoming events and activities.

Whats App Group Chat – How should Recruiter’s approach different types of Candidates?

As fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s we’re ever ready to interact with Candidates we receive. At times while interacting with Candidates it becomes difficult to get the desired information we would like to know about them. This in turn hinders our task and we’re looking for new ways of interacting with them to extract the necessary information.

In view of that we @SourcingAdda decided to assist  Recruiters by directing them in the right way of interacting with Candidates and how they should behaviour towards them to gain the information they seek. Hence, the Whats App Group Chat Wednesday Discussions was on, “How should Recruiter’s behave with or approach different types of Candidates?” as suggested by our Pune  Group member Prateek.  And here’s what we uncovered…


2On the basis of the conversation above we can conclude that we as Talent Acquisitionists need to modify the techniques and methods that we implement when interacting with Candidates between interviews. As times change we too need to change the way we do things and streamline our strategies and approaches to Candidate interactions to yield maximum results.

Thus, @SourcingAdda  our motive is to assist Talent Acquisition Professionals in their endeavour of catching the needle in the haystack in order to boost ROI and improve KRAs altogether. We all realise that we need to be up-breast with the latest trends in the Recruitment Industry in order to improve our KPAs. Therefore, if you’re not part of these Whats App Group Wednesday Discussions you have no idea what you’re missing out on. If you’d like to be a part of these discussions do get in touch with us to get added to these groups. And if you’d like to be updated about our various activities then follow @SourcingAdda to receive real time updates.

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