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Using Latest Communication Tools for Recruitment


The modern techniques or trends of recruitment have boosted the Sourcing process for recruiters and companies as well. The modern method of recruiting no doubt has improved the recruitment process due to easy access to a huge database of Social Media like LinkedIn.

Gone are the days where job seekers went through job ads in newspapers while employers waited and hoped that the right candidate would walk in. Most recruiters and human resource departments have resorted to modern methods of sourcing candidates.

Social Media a Recruiting Tool

One of the modern ways of recruiting is through Social Media platforms like LinkedIn. Everyone who is anybody most definitely is on LinkedIn so getting desired applicants is now easy. Most Sourcers looking to fill in a vacancy would do better if they used social media sites. These sites with a huge database of Candidates also have at their disposal all the necessary information a Recruiter is looking for and is cost effective too.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow employers to post job ads on these sites, apart from this they can even swift through potential candidate profiles and create a selection list of candidates that are suitable for the post. This is possible because these sites also give all the necessary information to Sourcers. Therefore they are perfect ways to source Candidates with caliber. They can even help you schedule your job postings at an appropriate time that yields maximum results.

Mobile as a Recruiting Tool

Well if you thought that social media is probably the only trend that most employers follow to capture candidates you are mistaken. Because aside from Social Media Recruiting you also have Mobile Recruiting as the recent trend making its mark, due to its availability. Besides it is easier for most individuals to access as it is flexible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The flexibility it provides enables individuals not only to view job postings but also to apply to the ones that interest them instantly no matter where they are or even if they are on the move. When conducting Mobile Recruiting you need to ensure that your job posting is visible on a small screen like a Mobile and is easily viewable without disruptions.

Both these tools if used together can boost your search for the right Candidate at it gives you access to Passive Candidates apart from the active ones. Each tool has its own advantages that can speed up the process of Recruiting and capture suitable Candidates for the vacancy. Therefore for modern Recruiters knowledge about Sourcing Candidates via Social Media channels and Mobile Recruitment are essential.

Let’s not forget our all-time favorite Recruiting methods of communication like a simple message, email and the most effective way to verify the information making a call and then having a face to face interaction with suitable Candidate.

These are some of the most effective methods of sourcing Candidates that have served Recruiters well and continue to be as effective as before. So go ahead and use these methods to receive results and select the suitable Candidates.


Getting Hired and Digital Recruiting

The advancement in technology has undoubtedly brought people closer together. As a result we have become more globally connected. While the internet serves as a very good tool for getting connected and being connected with your friends and relatives; whether close and far off it should be noted that it is also an exceptional tool for recruiting too.

Modern recruiters now focus on social media recruiting and sourcing therefore a job seeker’s first impression is no longer done during a personal interview but rather through social networks such as Facebook. So if you have an online presence it is essential that you watch what you post and display as recruiters relay on these platforms to get a first impression of a potential candidate.

Getting Hired and Digital Recruiting

Statistics of Digital Recruiting

Several studies have been conducted and the statistics in recruitment showed that 30 % of all google searches are mostly job related, 94% of recruiters either use or plan to use social media for recruiting, close to 78% of recruiters have already hired via social media, over 1 billion endorsements are done on LinkedIn and 93 % of recruiters now look at social profiles. Lately a new trend is followed in recruiting with 43% of job seekers now looking for and applying to jobs through mobiles. 73% of job seekers within the age range of 18 to 40 year olds have used social networks and landed their last job via these platforms (careerenlightenment.com).

Top Social Recruiting Sites

Of the several social media sites the top and the most used by recruiters due to the results obtained are LinkedIn with 94%, followed by Facebook with 65%, in close competition to Facebook is Twitter with 55%, followed by Google+ and YouTube with 18% and 15% respectively. In addition 94% of recruiter’s use Social media for their own job hunting (careerenlightenment.com).

Tips for Tech Savvy individuals

  • Be careful of the information you share and what you do online, as there are lots of fake job search sites that use your information for illegal use. Besides be prepared for someone checking up on you.
  • Beware of sites that don’t name the people involved, don’t offer contact information and ones that have an inadequate privacy policy.
  • Use a separate email id for job searching or create one that doesn’t say too much of you. Make a simple one such as your name@email address.domain.
  • There are chances that a potential employer will check up on your social media site, so be sure to add information regarding your volunteer work and work experience.
  • Don’t conduct your job search at your current employer’s expense, as many companies monitor your computer use and email and will know if you are job searching instead of working.

These are some tips that most individuals with an online presence tend to forget or don’t pay attention too. So if you are a sourcer, recruiter or simply a job seeker you too need to focus on these aspects as it has a bearing on future career prospects.

If you are someone who still relies on traditional methods of recruiting its probably time to wake up and be In with the crowd as your chances of acquiring a job via traditional methods is rather miniscule. As you need to adapt to modern methods of recruiting if you want results and speed up the process.

5 Ways to Mobile Marketing: The Apps Revolution!

With Smart phones and Tablets flooding the markets and finding their way in almost every home, it is only natural that mobile marketing would facilitate a company’s branding and marketing. If there was an easier and efficient way to market your products or the company’s branding that too being cost effective wouldn’t you want to use it? Well mobile marketing is bound to be the most effective way to market ones products and the company’s branding as you can reach out to a wide range of customers. In view of this recent development we have come up with a list of Apps that can assist ones marketing needs and improve the strategies implemented.



It was developed back in 2008 and is still a popular social media dashboard that allows you to post, monitor and measure social media sites. You can instantly and conveniently access all of your social media channels using Hootsuite. It also has the analytics feature to give you information on your activity and help you improve your results to increase traffic towards your website.


Another popular app after Hootsuite, allows you not only to manage but also monitor your main social media accounts at once. You can instantly schedule the content for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Aside from this you can analyze the performance of your posts. Here too you can customize and set up your own updating schedule for each account, at different times throughout the week according to your audience.


It has been rated as one of the top CRM platforms. The main aim for creating Nimble was to help professionals build better online relationships. It enables its users to track, monitor and maintain relations by unifying the contact information, social media profiles of important connections and online conversations in one location thus simplifying ones digital communications.


It is considered as the best RSS News Reader website that lets you access all the information about your favorite sites and blogs all in one place. All the content that you are interested in is delivered directly to your Smart phone or Tablet quickly and conveniently. Some additional features include a popular section at the top of each feed to ensure that certain content isn’t overlooked, a custom sharing preference so that its members can send articles straight to their chosen clipper.

Facebook App

If you are on Facebook and are looking for the same experience on a mobile then the Facebook App does exactly that. If you use Facebook as one of your main social media channels for your business, this handy tool helps you to share status updates and content with your followers and that too while on the move. Along similar lines both Twitter and Google+ too have their own app that gives you the same experience as a webpage would but on a mobile instead.

These apps if used efficiently will definitely boost your mobile marketing results and improve your stand in a competitive market, provided your website is easily viewable on a mobile. So make sure that you have these apps to assist your company’s branding and increase traffic to your website.


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