#TASCON16 – Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge

The previously held #SourcingContest had its grand finale at #TASCON15 with the conduction of the Mega Sourcing Contest. Similarly the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge was the grand finale to the two Sourcing Premier League Challenges (#SPL1 & #SPL2) that were conducted prior to #TASCON16.

Sourcing ADDA (@SourcingAdda) as a  Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Community have been proud hosts of #TASCON15 & #TASCON16, 12 Sourcing Contests (#SourcingContest, Apr’14 to Mar’15), the Mega Sourcing Contest, the Sourcing Premier Leagues (#SPL1 & #SPL2) and now with the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge success.

Sourcing Premier League

The Sourcing Premier Leagues (#SPL1 & #SPL2) which were hosted was a continuation to our previously held #SourcingContest with its grand finale being Mega Sourcing Contest live at #TASCON15. Similarly the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge was held live at #TASCON16.

Crack the code contest

The #SPL Challenge started on June 5, 2015 with a crack the code contest wherein the contestants had to send their responses to the email ID cracked as the 2nd part to the contest. And below are the details to the same.


The Tagline read, “IPL is over…. To reveal what?s next Crack the Code…”

Cracking the Code



  1. Use the initials of the three words to complete the Email ID: ___@sourcingadda.com
  2. Submit the code to the same Email ID
  3. The first 10 submissions will get 5 Bonus Points in the #SPL Challenge to be held.

The puzzler if solved correctly completed the Email ID (___@sourcingadda.com) to which the responses had to be sent. Upon cracking the code the contestants had to send their responses to that Email Id (spl@sourcingadda.com).

The icing on the cake was the 5 Bonus points that the first 10 submissions received at the start of the #SPL making them ahead of the rest of their competitors. The participants that received these points were marked by an “*” against the names of the contestants and the company they represented. The contestants that received these bonus points were revealed at the end of each of the challenges #SPL 1 & #SPL2 on the Individual as well as the Company LeaderBoards.

SPL1 and SPL2

Prior to the start of #SPL we hosted 2 webinars on the skills required to boost success. #SPL 1 began in June 2015 and ended in September 2015. #SPL 2 began in Nov 2015 and ended in March 2016. Both #SPL1 and #SPL2 each had 3 identical levels with the same format.

Level 1 comprised of 50 questions (1 point each, total 50 points)

Level 2 comprised of 15 questions (5 points, total 75 points)

Level 3 comprises of a combination of 4 search questions (35 points) and 6 descriptive questions (65 points) hence 10 Questions (Total 100 Points)

There were 2 types of LeaderBoards for the participants to refer to and watch their progress.

One was an Individual LeaderBoard and the other was a Company LeaderBoard. We had two LeaderBoards so that the individuals could track their performance at an Individual level and even at a Company level.

The winners of the #SPL1 won an iPad 3 each and would not be taken into consideration if they win #SPL2 as well, in order to give others an opportunity to win. While the #SPL2 winners won an iPad 4 each.  Each one of them gained entry into the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge.

Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge

Sourcing Adda hosted two Sourcing Premier Leagues (#SPL1 & #SPL2). The SPL that began in July 2015 ended in March 2016. The 3 winners from each of the two Leagues participated in the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge which brings the total to 6 contestants. We even had two more addition to this challenge. These were the Surprise Entries called the Wild Card entries that were selected live at #TASCON16.

Each of these contestants got the opportunity to compete with each other in the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge scheduled for April 2016 to win exciting prizes live at #TASCON16.

Contestant Lists

Chinmay Chavan was the host. Prior to the Challenge the contestants were nervous, anxious, scared & excited all at once. You’d know the feeling if you’ve had an opportunity to participate in one especially, for the two Wild Card entries i.e. Tatyasaheb Kolage (@Tatya_Kolage) & Rakesh Suvare. It all sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?  The same was the story of the Sourcing Premier League Challenge qualifiers we had from several companies such as…

Name SPL Winners Company
Ritesh Madraswala SPL1 Capgemini
Anju Rai SPL1 Capgemini
Ashish Peshave SPL1 ZS Associates
Roland Pavamani SPL2 Capgemini
Aparna Agrawal SPL2 RolJobs
Kiran Paratane SPL2 Helix Recruiting
Wild Card Entries
Tatyasaheb Kolage Mega SPL Challenge Helix Recruiting
Rakesh Suvare Mega SPL Challenge Helix Recruiting


In this challenge the previous 3 winners of the two Sourcing Premier Leagues (#SPL1 & #SPL2) competed with each other and the wild card entry contestants to win the Mega Sourcing Premier League Challenge.  The wild card entry contestants were picked from a pool of the previously held Sourcing Mega contest participants hosted by Chinmay Chavan (@SourcingNinja).

Final Decision

At the end of the event the winners of the Sourcing Premier League were presented with trophies for two levels categorised into the Individual LeaderBoard and the Company LeaderBoard.

On the Individual LeaderBoard the #SPL1 winners were Ritesh Madraswala the Winner, Anju Rai was the Second runner up and Ashish Peshave was the Third runner up. Similarly for #SPL2 Roland Pavamani was the Winner, Aparna Agrawal came in Second and Kiran Paratane came in Third.

On the Company LeaderBoard we had Helix Recruiting as the Second runner up, ZS Associates as the Third runner up and the winners were Capgemini for #SPL1.  Along the same lines we had Helix Recruiting as  the Second runner up, the Third runner up wasn’t present hence we proceeded to the winners for #SPL2 and once again it was Capgemini.

Unfortunately the Sourcing Premier League Challenge wasn’t solved as planned by the organisers due to the difficulty level in spite of the contestants putting in their very best efforts. The challenge wasn’t completed as expected hence the team decided to reward the first individual to solve the 2nd milestone correctly. Therefore Ritesh Madraswala was declared the winner and presented with a Trophy and a Digital Camera as a gift.

To those who were present, it’s safe to say that overall it was an amazing challenge where the participants put in their best efforts and was enjoyed by all participants including the host. The competitors displayed great sportsmanship and were not defeated just yet. The attendees enjoyed #TASCON16 and were eagerly waiting for their next challenge and #TASCON17 to add to their knowledge. Overall it was a grand success, if you’d like to get updates to our upcoming events and activities it is absolutely essential that you follow us @SourcingAdda right now!



WhatsApp Group Chat – Linkedin’s take over by Microsoft

Linkedin the favoured buddy of Talent Acquisitionists is about to change the way Talent is Sourced with Microsoft taking it over. Everyone in the field is wondering whether it’s going to be a boon or a bane. Thus it’s the talk of the neighbourhood in the Talent Acquisition Industry.

We’ve heard rumours but let’s all take time to think about what it means for the Talent Acquisition Industry as a whole and for us as Consultants and Corporates? We’ll to give you a push @SourcingAdda we’ve gone one step ahead and discussed about it at our popular Wednesday discussions. Hence the topic, “What are your views about Linkedin’s take over by Microsoft?” and here’s what we discovered…


The discussion above has highlighted several aspects on different levels. It has focussed on the pros and cons of this arrangement from a business level where the positive aspects can also become negative aspects if not well managed. It covers the difference between the two and their impact on the Talent Acquisition Industry. We’ve addressed the Pros & Cons from a Recruiters as well as Linkedin Employees perspectives and I’m sure you can think of other aspects that we’ve overlooked or not covered. So let’s highlight the key take a ways from the discussion so that you can add to this list.

Pros & Cons for a business

  • A Push cortana integration with your existing CRM/ATS through the Microsoft platforms
  • A Monopoly with the largest professional network i.e. Linkedin and largest cloud owned by Microsoft
  • Emerge as a competition to Salesforce, Apple and Google
  • Linkedin the founders created a set of values surrounding Business and Networking in general as indicated in their book ‘The Start Up of You’.
  • Interesting to see what Apple and Google does next to show its power of net worth and feel its market presence
  • Business wise Microsoft made a good deal
  • Linkedin has already changed its policies
  • Linkedin should retain its ideal value and be original

Difference between Microsoft & Linkedin


  • Microsoft is more technology based
  • Microsoft has strict and rigid processes in terms of employment
  • Microsoft has good information pertaining to entities like Contacts, Messages, Calendar entries, MS Office and documents


  • Linkedin is more people based
  • Whether Linkedin employees will be able to cope up with Microsoft
  • LinkedIn has information regarding jobs, co-workers, learning, prospects and recruiting/hiring
  • Closed Source from Open Source

Pros for Recruiters

  • Integration between Outlook – Skype – Slide Share – LinkedIn
  • Expect good newsfeed being shared as end users
  • People working on projects will benefit

Cons for Recruiters

  • The essence of LinkedIn’s creation and existence is not lost
  • If the end goal is achieved due to the money value looking enticing
  • If the Microsoft culture is applied then people will quit Linkedin and attrition rate will increase
  • A lot of limitations and restrictions and Linkedin has become like an iOS from Android
  • Impacts users who were using LinkedIn for basic search
  • Using third party tools like Rapportive or 360° global chrome extensions
  • Unless you have a paid account on Linkedin it’s of no use

Pros for Linkedin Employees

  • Collaboration can rise to a new level of success

Cons for Linkedin Employees

  • Linkedin employees will be able to cope up with Microsoft
  • Microsoft culture if applied then people will quit

If you’d like to add to your learning then it is imperative that you join in these conversations. Be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming activities. Now that you’ve read this far would you care to mention a few that might have clicked while reading? If yes then leave your views in the comments section as we’ll like to hear from you too.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Digitalization in HR

Digitalisation has always been a favourite topic for discussions and as Talent Acquisitionist’s we constantly hear of Digitalisation in HR and its effects. But have you stopped to think for yourself about digitalisation?

If not then here’s a chance to express your views because we @SourcingAdda are one step ahead. We’ve had a discussion on, “Digitalisation in HR” for our popular Wednesday discussions upon the suggestion of our Mumbai Group member Ravi and here’s what we uncovered…


Based on the conversation above we can conclude that there are few things that we still haven’t implemented even though we’re in the digital age. I’m sure that if you’ve read this far you too will be able to identify the improvement areas for the Talent Acquisitions at your organisation.

Here are the key take a ways on several aspects that matter i.e. from a Recruiter’s and Corporate’s perspectives including the challenges faced and the pros of digitalisation. Now you too can be up to date with the current trends that are followed.


  1. Candidates and Employees are more tech savvy than us as Recruiters
  2. Have a mix of online and offline activities to connect with employees and candidates
  3. HRs cannot be completely digitalised due to the human element
  4. Most processes are automated and Job postings are put in digital forms
  5. HRs as the backbone of any company need to be on Social Media
  6. HRs are at the forefront in the move to digital and the cloud in the workplace

Employers Level

  1. Company’s growth depends on their Social Media presence
  2. Business’ realised the importance of digitalisation and formed dedicated teams to manage Social Channels
  3. There are digitalisation stages for organisations
  4. Utilising Digitalization effectively and productively is the key to an organisations success

Challenges Faced

  1. Creating a streamlined process approach
  2. Maintain the human element in the digitalisation era
  3. Check if digitalisation is being utilised in a way that creates an impact

Pros of Digitalisation

  1. Digitalisation saves time
  2. Information is stored in the right place to access at the right time or anytime
  3. Makes it easier to progress or stay competitive in a fast paced digital society or environment


Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Recruiter Skills and Competency Development

Here we go again another successful #SourcingChat for Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda). We @SourcingAdda are glad to have so many Talent Acquisitionists expressing their views which have enlightened us as well as our fellow participants. The participation that we’ve had has certainly assisted us in achieving our objective. We are consciously trying our level best to make this experience a memorable one that will not only enlighten you but others as well simultaneous with fun as a finishing touch.

I bet you’re wondering which are going to be the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat on “Recruiter Skills and Competency Development.” So without further ado; I present the Top Tweets with reference to the questions…


  • Is there any difference between a Skill and Competency? #SourcingChat
  • A2 “Skills” are learned activities to do a task, while “competency” is a mix up of skills+behavior+knowledge
  • A3:- Judging the candidates in a short time. Spending time may effect in your peroformance. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Marketing and Sales skills can be a part of Recruiting skills?#SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda A 4) IMHO Recruitment is the toughest form of sales. You’re seeing an intangible product – ‘Career’ #SourcingChat
  • What are the competencies needed for a Recruiter? #SourcingChat
  • @SourcingAdda Highly versatile. People keep changing and they need to generate newer ways to recruit to keep up the pace. #SourcingChat
  • A5) Recruiter needs to sell his performance better than others during appraisals. Focus on Source Mix and Cost Saved. #SourcingChat
  • Do you think Companies are Competency based?
  • To some extent. Competency based HR management is the utmost requirement for companies to be successful. @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat
  • A7) Begin with a competency mapping exercise i.e. understand what competencies are required for which roles within the org #SourcingChat

There we have it our Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat, now your Tweets too can be listed out provided you participate in our next #SourcingChat by following @SourcingAdda. Here you will have access to all the #SourcingChats we’ve had so far and upcoming ones.

Hike Group Chat – Importance of and Transparency in Sharing Role Details

As Talent Acquisitionist Professionals we are all aware of the various issues faced and we’re constantly looking for solutions and sometimes the advice we get from professionals within the Recruitment Industry tend to be most effective.

To name a few Infant Mortality as suggested by Manav or how to Personalise Candidate Experience suggested by @SourcingAdda. In view of that the Hike Group Chat discussion topic suggested by our members Aishwarya and Manav was on, “How important is sharing role details with candidates while hiring and how transparent should you be when sharing role details with Candidates?” In this discussion we addressed another important issue that they face. And here’s what we discovered from our fellow Talent Acquisitionists…



This brings a perfect end to an enlightening conversation. I bet we’ve all picked up a thing or two from it that we can implement in our Candidate selection process. I’ve surely learnt a lot more from these Thought Leaders and I’d like to thank our members for their inputs and suggestions. If you want a recap of previous sessions then follow @SourcingAdda.

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