Whats App Group Chat – Need for Conducting HR Audits in the Organisations

Whats App Group Chat – Need for Conducting HR Audits in the Organisations

If you are running an organisation ensuring you have a good Human Resource Management Department is essential as you will have to address any issues related to the hired personnel eventually. And I need not mention that a company’s success or failure is highly dependent on the efficient functioning of the Human Resource Management Department. Therefore you can see the magnitude and how important the Human Management Department is.

No wonder conducting HR Audits at regular intervals is important. They help identify whether the practices or processes put in place are adequate and effective enough. The results that are obtained from the review of the generated Audit report can help us identify any loopholes that are there in the processes. It then enables us to take the necessary steps to minimise any lawsuits or regulatory violations that may occur due to these problem areas. Once it is implemented it can improve the success rate of the firm as a whole because it is an efficient system that works for the benefit of all.  

Having understood the importance we @SourcingAdda, usually conduct discussion on topics that matter to the recruitment fraternity as a whole and are able to do so thanks to the participation of our members who continuously suggest topics. And one such member from Mumbai is Rajaram who wanted to discuss on, “Need for conducting HR Audits in the organisation”and highlighted below is what we discovered…

The thoughts expressed earlier in the conversation above mentions that just conducting an audit is not enough you also need to consider experiences. For that matter simply identifying the gaps and whether the processes are effective is also not enough. When conducting an audit other aspects like culture, engagement, values, retention, branding etc. also have a bearing on a business’ success and therefore should be considered in an audit.

Audits if implemented effectively can make a world of difference to the success of an organisation. Due to its importance in a firms success many organisations are now resorting to audit reports and relying on HR Analytics to better understand the company’s progress and its workforce. Thus the WhatsApp Group Chat on Current Industry Standards in Hiring Metrics or the WhatsApp Group Chat – Metrics used in Recruiting: Cost per Hire are a great read. As it will definitely add more value to the already exhausted list of inputs shared. Giving you a 360 degree understanding of the aspects a firm needs to monitor if it wants to be a success.

Furthermore, by being a part of the recruitment community you can scale your hiring needs and build pipelines of talent wherein our Whats App groups can be of assistance in the area. To reap the various benefits of our community you need to get more involved by participating in our regular activities and by following us @Sourcingadda for real time updates to our upcoming activities and events.

And as always we look forward to your comments on the topic discussed so be sure to leave your views in our comments section below. If you wish to be a part of our online community to remain tuned to the evolving trends within the recruitment fraternity then be proactive and register yourselves immediately today. If you need some more convincing then you should know that the platform provides you with live insights that are from thought leaders within the recruitment sphere discussion about topics that matter.  These exceptional individuals are here to share their live experiences on several recruitment related topics share tips on different methods used for specific types of hiring. Additionally, they enable you to fine tune your strategy be it candidate experience or engagement which have a bearing on capturing hard to find talent at scale. As a member you can leverage the opportunity to build connections and grow your referral pipeline. You can even up-grade your skills and knowledge with real time information not easily available and capture exceptional and potential talent at scale.


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