WhatsApp Group Chat – Does believing in the concept of a 9 to 6 workday; is it hated or welcomed?

WhatsApp Group Chat – Does believing in the concept of a 9 to 6 workday; is it hated or welcomed?

There has been a longstanding debate on the subject of having a 9 to 6 workday schedule which has received mixed responses. Some are more tolerant of the idea, while others want work life balance, still others prefer flexible work timings and the current pandemic scenario seems to favour work from home and remote working and some also entertain the 9 to 6 work day schedule. It’s confusing, isn’t it?

Therefore it is essential for us to peal the onion a little more to get a clear understanding on the subject at hand. And what better way is there then a discussion to arrive at some sort of conclusion on which to follow through with. Having said that, one of our Mumbai group member’s Archana wanted to discuss on, “Does believing in the concept of a 9 to 6 workday; is it hated or welcomed?” In reference to the shared video link – https://bit.ly/3jCTPSt ”. To find out what we uncovered you can view the insights mentioned below:

After going through the thoughts expressed in the insightful conversation shared above its pretty clear that at the end of the day what it comes down to is the professionalism that employees showcase when on the work floor and the mind-set they have. If you have and follow accepted standards of professional ethics on an individual level this can very well be applied and thus ensure a work life balance that most of us yearn for.  

The minority with good professional ethics in unity follow through it and in the event of the workload increasing are very cooperative and usually resort to staying back to get the workload completed in time. While it is the case it doesn’t mean that such individuals are not productive, also the organisational culture too has a bearing on how this plays out. If the culture determined by the management is one that regards employees leaving on time as not being productive and rather prefer their employees to stay back than that is considered as being productive. Overall the company culture, the mind-set that employees bring with them to the floor and the professional ethics one follows are what determine whether a 9 to 6 work time is feasible and acceptable. If all of these three aspects favour employees leaving on time then a 9 to 6 work time is workable ensuring a work life balance.

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