WhatsApp Group Chat – Creating a Centralised Database of Job Seekers

Organisations are constantly Sourcing for exceptional Talent that is a perfect fit for the role. With pools of Talent now scattered on Social Media trying to capture the right talent has become difficult and hence the need arises for creating a centralised database of Job Seekers.

With that being said we @SourcingAdda try our best to keep you updated with the current trends and practices in Recruitment adopted by various organisations. We are able to achieve this due to the active participation of our members and one such member is Santosh from the Hyderabad group. He suggested having a discussion on, “Can there be a centralised data of Job Seekers with all the details required along with their code of conduct i.e. similar to Cibil which can be accessed by HRs? Is this doable, does my point makes sense?” Therefore we’ll be disclosing the insights shared so let’s begin….


The discussion above clearly indicates that the insights shared we’re quite informative and sheds light on the possible challenges one can face if implemented. And if you’re wondering whether having a centralised location with candidate credentials is a possible solution to the candidate hunt then you already have a fair idea after going through the chat.

Nevertheless, to maintain a database of candidate’s personal details at a centralised location while a great idea in theory may not be suitable practically especially since it requires additional monitoring efforts. Add to that you need to get their approval to proceed and is however not a popular idea among candidates. Moreover candidates may not approve of their details being circulating across companies without their knowledge especially if it’s an organisation they wouldn’t want to join.

Now that you are aware of the scenario we’re sure you’d like to know more about Creating Awareness in Employees about Referral Programs in the organisation and if you’ve found the information shared useful and would like to know how to become a proactive learner, then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps…

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