WhatsApp Group Chat – Combining Social Media Marketing & Recruitment in a Recruiting Strategy

The Talent Acquisition field is constantly evolving thus requiring one to adapt to the changes in the Recruitment field. As Talent Acquisitionist’s we’ve come to realise the importance of Social Media especially since the desired Talent is online just waiting to move in to better opportunities. It’s a known fact that if one needs to find those purple squirrels  then tapping into Social Media is now the new ideal way to get desired talent. And why not, it’s a cost effective way and easily available too.

You only need to tap into this pool of Talent for those purple squirrels therefore we @SourcingAdda have foreseen this. And thanks to one of our Bangalore group member’s Aishwarya who suggested we discuss on, “Social Media Marketing & Recruitment, how to combine the two in Recruiting?” And we’re sure you’d like to find out what we uncovered so let’s begin….



The discussion above was certainly helpful as it gave insights on how to go about when one is trying to combine Social Media Marketing & Recruitment in a Recruiting Strategy to get effective results. So if you’re looking to do the same and searching for some guidelines then the chat is sufficient enough to get you started. It’s a fact that each strategy used to capture talent differs according to the role requirement hence revising the strategy and customising it as per the need is essential to get the desired results.

If you’ve found these insights interesting then you’d like to know more about the Different IT Techniques used to simplify the HR Process for HR which is quite handy. And now that you’ve read this far and have added to your learning then we’re sure you’d like to know how you can be an active contributor and learner then here’s what you can do  in 2 simple steps, namely…

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