WhatsApp Group Chat – What new Technology or Course to learn to compete effectively for Recruitment Jobs?

The Recruitment landscape is shifting to the digital platform where Talent Sourcing is done from Social Channels. Talent is Sourced with reference to big data and analytics obtained via Machine learning. With this development a lot of recruitment tasks can be automated thus creating new job opportunities requiring one to upgrade themselves. Therefore it is essential to learn about new technology and courses to compete effectively for Recruitment Jobs.

If you’ve been looking for this then you’ve come to the right place, we @SourcingAdda conducted a discussion on, “What new technology and courses to compete effectively for Recruitment Jobs?” as suggested by the Bangalore group member Senthil. For your reference we’ll be disclosing the chat below so let’s begin…






Well this brings an interesting chat to an end and as always we’ve received a lot of inputs that we can benefit from thus preparing us for the future. So if you’re wondering what skills you need to master to advance in your career as Talent Acquisitionist then the above chat has answered your question. So if you‘ve liked the inputs then you’d also be interested in How to safe guard current & future business prospects as Consultants?

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