WhatsApp Group Chat – Techniques used to Reduce No Show of Candidates

Talent Acquisitionists are constantly Sourcing for the best Talent that’s a perfect fit for a role but the Techniques Used to Reduce No show of Candidates is ineffective. In a profession where Sourcing Candidates and scheduling interviews with the hope to on board the right fit is a daunting task due to the drop out ratio. Moreover when candidates don’t turn up for the interviews as scheduled it increases the work load requiring one to work twice as hard.

The scenario’s mentioned are examples of ineffective techniques used therefore we @SourcingAdda are constantly trying to bring our WhatsApp members up to date with the current Talent Acquisition trends practiced by organisations. And we are able to do this thanks to the suggestion of one of our Mumbai group members Alfiah who wanted to discuss on, “What ways or techniques can we use to reduce the no show of candidates that can ensure they turn up for the interviews as scheduled?” If you find the topic interesting then we’re sure you’d like to learn more hence we’re disclosing the chat for your review; so let’s begin…



The conversation above was very informative with a lot of guidelines and inputs to take back and think over to check if you can implement the same at you’re organisation. If you were searching for tips to help reduce the not show of candidates then you’ve certainly found what you’re looking for. With that being said you’d want to know more about How to safe guard current & future business prospects as Consultants? And if you’ve found the chat useful and would like to participate in such discussions then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps…

  1. Follow us @Sourcingadda to gain real time updates to our upcoming activities and events such as the Talent Acquisition Summit
  2. a) Leave your views or requests to join these groups in our comments section below


  1. b) DM us to @Sourcingadda with your name, WhatsApp. Contact no. and location

And one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.













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