WhatsApp Group Chat – Criteria to Consider when Recruiting People with a Disability

People with disabilities can bring a range of skills, talents, qualifications and abilities to the organisation yet Talent Acquisitionist like yourself find it difficult to pin point the criteria to consider when Recruiting  People with a disability. A pool of talented individuals such as these still remain untapped by Recruiters therefore to capture this talent it is essential to devise a criteria to consider.

We @SourcingAdda try our level best to keep you updated with the current trends in all aspects related to Recruitment. We are able to do so thanks to the participation of our WhatsApp group members. And one such Pune group member Amit suggested having a discussion on, “When recruiting people with a disability (disabled people) what are the criteria that Recruiters should consider?” We’re certain you’d like to know whether you’d be able to view the chat hence we’re disclosing it for your review so let’s begin…


If you’ve been wondering about the criteria by which to select individuals with disabilities to on board such talented folk then the conversation above can answer all your queries or difficulties. Moreover it has guidelines to assist you better in capturing such Talent. And if you’ve found this quite interesting then you’d also be interested in safe guarding current & future business prospects.

With that being said, we’re certain you’d like to learn more and what better way is there than to join in these insightful discussions? If your answer is a positive yes, then here’s what you can do now in 2 simple steps…

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