WhatsApp Group Chat – Different IT Techniques used to simplify the HR Process for HR

In today’s hyper-connected digital world and the pace at which technology is evolving; keeping up is next to impossible especially since the response time has become instantaneous. Add to that most organisations have a lot of tasks that require HRs to spend valuable time on multiple tasks. They are expected to micromanage even redundant tasks thus affecting their productivity. A development such as this increases the complexity of tasks leaving HR and Talent Acquisitionists alike overwhelmed with the magnitude of the tasks allotted.

Developments like this make simple tasks complex to finish within a fixed time frame hampering productivity. It is therefore essential for organisations to review the tasks allotter at regular intervals to identify the redundant tasks. By doing away with such inefficient tasks it frees up more time to focus on the core tasks that actually have an impact.  In such a scenario utilising different IT Techniques that can simplify the HR process becomes important. For this reason we @SourcingAdda conducted a discussion upon the suggestion of one of the Pune group members Shweta where we discussed the, “Different IT Techniques used by HR to simplify the HR process”. If you’re wondering what was discussed and whether you’d be able to review the thoughts expressed due to your absence then you’re right. We’ll be disclosing the chat for your reference, so let’s begin…

The chat above clearly shows the insights that were shared from which we can safely conclude that it was an informative discussion. The insights shared were thought provoking making HRs and Talent Acquisitionists alike think about how they can be more efficient and productive in their work. Sometimes the simple and the minute things that we overlook have the potential to make all the difference to the tasks to resume.

If you’ve found this discussion insightful then you’ll be interested in how to safe guard the current & future business prospects as Consultants? After all of the information we shared that you’ve reviewed and evaluated if you’d like to be an active learner and join our WhatsApp groups then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps…

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