WhatsApp Group Chat – Alternative Career Opportunities for IT Recruiters.

Whether you are a recruitment consultant with a longstanding career in mind or like many people out there who fell into the role there are Alternative Career Opportunities for IT Recruiters. So if it’s become monotonous and are looking for a great career driving factor to switch then we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

How that’s easy as we @SourcingAdda pick topics based on the suggestions given by our members and this time by one of our Bangalore group members Rajasekar who wanted to discuss on, “What else can an IT Recruiter do apart from recruitment?” And for your review we’ll be disclosing the chat so here goes…

The insights shared in the conversation above were very enlightening and we’re confident that we’ve answered most of your concerns. If you’ve liked this then you’d be interested in knowing more about how to safe guard current & future business prospects as consultants? If you’d like to be an active participant then here’s what you can do right now in 2 simple steps –

  1. Follow us @Sourcingadda to gain real time updates to our upcoming activities and events such as the Talent Acquisition Summit
  2. a) Leave your views or requests to join these groups in our comments section below


  1. b) DM us to @Sourcingadda with your name, WhatsApp. Contact no. and location

And one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.



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