WhatsApp Group Chat – Best Practices in Candidate Compensation

There has been a long standing debate about the Best Practices in Candidate Compensation amongst Talent Acquisitionists and Employers alike. Whether to compensate them based on their experience or to adopt the market standards instead; has always been the dilemma. In an attempt to try to resolve this dilemma we @SourcingAdda conduct discussions to shed some light on such topics.

The WhatsApp forum is the perfect platform to resolve queries and to remain updated with the current practices followed by other organisations. The chats ensure the members stay abreast about the evolving trends as the inputs shared are from experienced Talent Magnets within the industry. We are able to do this thanks to our members especially Soumya from the Bangalore group who suggested we have a discussion on, “What do you think is the best way to compensate a candidate, by their experience or to go by the market standards?”  We’re certain you’d like to sneak in any useful insights you can have access to hence for your review we’re disclosing the entire chat so you can ponder on with all the information shared. Therefore be sure to share your inputs in the comments section as we’d like to get more perspectives in the meantime let’s begin…

There you go you’ve got the entire chat for your reference to review and swift through the information shared to retain what you’d need. Now that you’ve gone through the information shared you can then make an informed decision as to the basis of how a Candidate’s compensation can be done. Once you have all the information you can then form a compensation band that works for your organisation.

If you’ve found this information insightful then we’re sure you’d be interested in Safe Guarding Current & Future Business Prospects as Consultants.  Moreover if you’d like to be an active learner and participate in the discussions then here’s what you can do in 2 simple steps,



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