WhatsApp. Group Chat – Best Employee Engagement Practices

We’ve spoken a lot about Employee Engagement, its benefits and the common practices that are followed by various companies. Having been in to the Recruitment Industry long enough you’d have come across HR’s confusing Employee Engagement with Cultural Activities conducted at organisations.

We @SourcingAdda have foreseen this confusion and would like to resolve the confusion. Thanks to the efforts of our Mumbai Group member Amit who suggested we discuss about, “Employee Engagement and its practices in various companies.” To help you retain what was learnt we’ll be disclosing the popular WhatsApp. Wednesday conversation and also highlight the key takeaway pointers right after that. So here goes…

This brings an end to another discussion with lots of inputs to take back and implement in our Employee Engagement strategies to improve Employer Branding. If you’ve read this far then we’re sure you’d like to reinforce what was learnt. Taking this into consideration the key take away pointers are as under…

General Perspectives about Employee Engagement & Involvement

  • To clear the confusion one first needs to understand the difference between Employee Engagement & Employee involvement.
  • There are a number of studies that track the impact of active staff involvement on business profitability and performance which support either scenario.
  • There’s a clear and strong correlation between the two i.e. Employee Engagement & Employee Involvement
  • Success of a supervisor is in getting the employees involved not just keeping them engaged


  • ‘Engagement’ is the result of a passive acceptance of company values and objectives
  • Engagement helps to increase productivity


  • ‘Involvement’ is the active pursuit of these objectives
  • Involvement isn’t just a trendy buzz – word, it’s a principle that has a clear, measurable impact on the bottom line.

Difference between Employee Engagement & Involvement

  • Cultural activities also known as Zero Hour, etc. and other similar activities conducted are a part of the entire Employee Engagement function but not limited to these activities alone.
  • Employee Engagement & Employee Involvement includes the aspects mention below –

It is Employee Engagement when…

  • One on one’s with the HR on a regular basis are conducted
  • You keep the employees engaged e. interested in the organization
  • An ‘engaged’ employee understands and agrees with the aims and objectives of the business
  • Engaged Employees come back to work feeling motivated and energised
  • All interventions, attempts made by the HR to understand and improve the engagement / job satisfaction levels of employee are conducted.
    • The intervention could range from 1:1 by the HR to surveys, people participation in setting up of the organisation processes.
    • There are around fifty HR interventions that are under the Employee Engagement function
  • The engagement gets you in the game
  • The engagement functions have an objective and purpose to conducting them

It is Employee Involvement when…

  • Employees are involved in the decision making activities of the organization (for e.g. preparing the yearly holiday calendar, sharing their inputs on certain policies)
  • You form employee groups to figure out how to improve the organizations image
  • You involve employees in the day to day functioning of the organization at various levels
  • You empower Employees rather than to have them follow rules & regulations
  • You are able to instil a sense of belongingness to the organization in the Employee
  • Successfully implemented it transfers the ownership of their initiatives from the board room and executive offices to the cubicles and shop floors.
  • The Involvement gets employees to the top of your game and a game changer

Characteristics to look for in Employees to identify the sections they fall into.

An Engaged Employee will…

  • Take an active role in the business
  • Implement new initiatives
  • Take ownership of the initiative
  • Actively participate in driving change

An Involved Employee will…

  • Help drive the organisation forward
  • Add value to the business

The above mentioned pointers summarise the entire discussion well. If you’ve enjoyed this and have added to you learning then we’re sure you’d be interested in Perspectives on Layoffs in the IT Market as well. If you’d like to be an active learner rather than a passive one then here’s what you can do in two easy steps…

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