WhatsApp Group Chat – Difference between a Corporate HR and a Consultancy HR

We’ve spoken about HR from a general perspective and dealt with challenges accordingly but have you wondered if there’s a difference between a Corporate HR and a Consultancy HR?

Well if you haven’t then, you’d be glad to learn that we @SourcingAdda are here to assist you in remaining updated with the current practices in the profession that we’re all passionate about. And thanks to the Group members we are able to stay updated ourselves. Based on the Mumbai group member Amit’s suggestion we had a discussion on, “What makes a big difference between a Corporate HR and the HR from a Consultancy?”

As explained: see now – a – days many SME companies outsource their HR department to some Consultant or recruitment consultant. The Consultant place a recourse on client site to deploy HR practice or set up the HR department. In fact they get more exposure than co-operate HR. Still when these guys try to switch to a Corporate HR most of the companies reject the candidature just because these guys were working for a Consultant and not for companies. It is the same case for candidates working as a Recruiter applying as candidates.

Therefore let’s take a look at the conversation that took place and make sure to review the key take away pointers to retain what you’ve learnt right after. So here goes…

The informative discussion comes to an end with a lot of inputs to add to your learning and even get the queries you have resolved. But before we make our conclusions let’s review the key take away pointers to retain what we’ve learn and test our knowledge about a subject we are all passionate about. So here goes…
Recruitment bites

Recruiters Perspectives

  • The key to understanding the difference is to see whether there is substantial data to support the argument.
  • If it is personal experience then it cannot be generalised as an industry wide practice
  • What really matters is the quality of experience than the quantity (number of years) or the brand name of the company for that matter.
  • It is important for all of us to have hands-on experience and continue to keep your selves employable in the ever changing market scenario.
  • While Recruiters are also Candidates who have great qualifications, great companies on the resumes nevertheless you may become redundant, in future, in the market place.

Employer Perspectives

  • Companies hire candidates for the skills they possess and the value they bring to the table.
  • Companies don’t hire candidates because they have come from ABC school/college, etc. (or) xyz companies which is applicable across all levels.

Difference between a Corporate & Consultancy HR

Corporate Recruiter

  • A Corporate HR does complete end to end HR activity that is from HR, call to CTC fitment, to approvals and joining
  • These Recruiters would be specialist in particular areas with advanced skill-sets of hiring
  • As a Corporate Recruiter you don’t share profiles with the hiring manager until and unless you find it 90 to 100 percent fit or if you are 100 percent confident.
  • Recruiters try to look at the candidate from a hiring manager’s point of view before submitting the Candidate to them.
  • You mature and relate to the business more in a Corporate Environment
  • The distinguishing factor is ownership; Corporate Recruiters will have the ownership on end to end processes.
  • Corporate HR specialise in to recruitment where they directly interact with business personal and candidate wherein there is comparatively not much target pressure.

Consultancy Recruiter

  • Candidates from HR firms Source and come with complete market MI but not the last part of the operations therefore the preference changes according to the role requirement while hiring.
  • They function as a team to close a particular role
  • Working at a consultancy can give the same job satisfaction people expect out of a corporate job
  • These Recruiters come with wider market knowledge and understanding of companies, salaries, availability etc.
  • Recruiter at a search firm usually share CV even if it’s 50 to 60 per fit with the thought of letting the 2 parties involved decide which doesn’t cause any harm sharing etc.
  • Consultancy environment makes you robust to face the corporate so both complement each other
  • Consultancy Recruiters on the other hand will have ownership on the revenue
  • Core consulting HR usually gets end to end exposure with a lot of pressure to achieve targets.
  • Here mainly the leads have stake holder connections and where recruitment is concerned most companies rely on consultants for on – boarding Candidates.
  • Consulting HR policies change at the need of hour since they are controlled by owners which should not be the case.

Recruitment Facts

  • There is a very thin line of difference between working at a Corporate and a consultancy
  • A consultancy can operate like a Corporate as well
  • Candidate engagement processes, skills and knowledge vary in a Corporate HR and a Consulting HR
  • Things learnt and followed are different based on the exposure you get which is dependent on the firm you work for.

There you have it all the points to help you retain what you’ve learnt and review; to check if the information you have is updated. If not then you’ve just updated your information. If you’d like to know more about How should a Recruiter decide whether to take a Requirement to source or not? Then joining @SourcingAdda WhatsApp groups is a wise decision. If you’d like to be added to these groups then that’s easy, simply follow these two steps below –

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