WhatsApp Group Chat – Policies Governing the Employment of HR Relative Hires

We’ve spoken so much about catching the needle in the haystack talent and also gone over the aspects of on-boarding Candidates. We’ve discussed the importance of joining goodies and the role it plays in retaining them. But have you ever thought about the company’s hiring policies especially when we’re dealing with relative hires?

If you haven’t yet thought about it then here’s a chance to begin by reviewing the WhatsApp Group chat that we had on, “What are the policies governing the Employment of a HR staff relative in the same company?” upon the suggestion of our Pune group member Shikha. But before we get in to that be sure to view the key take a ways right after.

This brings another conversation to an end with important inputs to add to your learning. Having said that let’s check out the key take away pointers to facilitate learning and review what we’ve learnt so far therefore let’s begin…

How to Prevent Conflicts of Interest (COI) due to Relative hires?

  • To prevent conflicts companies should avoid having –
  • Related employees involved in a supervisory or reporting relationship with one another,
  • Relatives transferred, promoted or hired inside a reporting relationship
  • An employee as a part of a hiring committee when there is a relative interviewed for the position
  • Follow minimum ethics like not having a relative present within the interview panel
  • Don’t have referral bonus for Managers to hire a resource; reporting to them
  • Usually mid-sized companies prefer not to hire direct relatives of HR personnel due to the exposure to confidential information.
  • Have some checks and balances in place and make sure a person is hired for the role as per their talent.

Well now you know what aspects you need to bear in mind to avoid COI from arising entirely. As long as these measures are put in place and followed; it will definitely prevent COI and facilitate performance. In order for this to work you need to be absolutely sure that the Talent you’re hiring isn’t related to the decision makers. In the event of a situation where you do have a Talent i.e. related to your  HR  personnel then  be sure to follow the above mentioned ethics to avoid COI altogether.

If you’ve found this information relevant to your particular situation then this has certainly answered your questions. In order to get more of your queries resolved you need to be an Active learner rather than a Passive one. To add to your learning on, “WhatsApp Group Chat – Ways to Scout PhD. Talent Holding Multiple Patents be sure to become a part of these WhatsApp groups

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