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WhatsApp Group Chat – Best practices of the Gamification process prior to joining

There has been a lot of talk about the challenges that Talent Acquisitionist’s face such as how to improve the offer to joining ratio? Some of the possible solutions were, to provide joining goodies or on-boarding goodies and interview goodies to candidates to improve the chances of on – boarding.

While joining goodies is one of the many solutions; another one to boosting the offer to joining ratio is  Gamification but what it is and how can Recruiters use it to their advantage and improve their KRAs? Are questions that remain unanswered hence we @SourcingAdda decided to have a discussion about “Best practices of the Gamification process prior to joining” based on the suggestion of our Bangalore group member Shashank. And you’ll to have access to this information shortly but remember to view the key take away pointers thereafter so here’s what we’ve come across…

If you’ve been wondering whether you’ve missed out on an insightful discussion session then don’t fret as we can help you there. We @SourcingAdda have considered that and hence we’ve displayed the discussion above for your reference. Now that that’s settled let’s get right down to helping you retain what you’ve learnt. So here goes…

Gamification in on – boarding

  • Marriott is an excellent example for Gamification in On-boarding
  • Knolskape and Ripple Hire are excellent examples of Indian Companies implementing Gamification in On-boarding for their Clients in the Recruitment, on boarding, employee referral processes.


  • Gamification can be integrated in recruitment, process covering quizzes around industry challenges, company related quests, behavioural quizzes…
  • Gamification personalises and adds a fun element to the whole boring recruitment process
  • It encourages the candidate to engage with your company by providing a stimulated work environment
  • It helps Recruiters also check the Candidate’s aptitude creative thinking and problem solving capabilities
  • Have a simple process because it helps people to get a clear understanding of what is expected of them
  • People need rewards to move forward and they need to see their progression
  • Therefore have a progression or status bar that best meets their needs
  • It encourages competition between friends or teams
  • Use social media to your advantage because people like to have fun and chances are that it is more likely that it will be shared.
  • Always reward your users/candidates, etc. for example, when a company like Dropbox — offers free storage based on your response to their advertisement
  • If friends respond through a special referral link that you share you are provided with extra storage
  • This creates an overloaded of database for an ATS although the possibility of lots of irrelevant profiles in the database is there.
  • If utilised efficiently Recruiter can find the right people easily and get a great pool of potential talent for the future.

Precautions to be taken before on – boarding

  1. Collect all the required documents before the offer so that at the time of joining; it doesn’t get deferred due to document issues.
  2. Initiate a back ground check (BGC) as soon as a candidate accepts the offer. Conduct an interim or final (BGC) report before joining to ensure that a Candidate is genuine.
  3. The BGC and on – boarding process should be interlinked and conducted online
  4. The documents or information required is almost the same hence it reduces duplication of work which speeds up the process.
  5. Candidates can fill online BGC / on-boarding forms as per their convenience for instance from home to save time at office so manually filling forms isn’t required.
  6. Candidates can connect with the reporting manager to arrange f2f or tele – connect with the reporting manager to engage the candidate till their joining.
  7. Make sure you ask for references from the Candidate
  8. Distribute joining goodies like gifts for instance send them small gifts or greeting cards to the candidate and their family as it creates a feel good factor.
  9. If the candidate is relocating than ask them for their travel tickets before arranging for accommodation which should be done well in advance.

Well these are the key take away pointers that are sure to assist you in retaining information that you want to add to your knowledge. If you’ve read this far then you know exactly what you’re missing. So avoid being a passive learner rather join the conversation and become an active learner.

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