WhatsApp Group Chat – Interview Calls Unanswered by Candidates after Multiple Follow Ups

We’ve discussed several topics related to the full cycle Recruitment Processes dealt with resolving challenges that most Talent Acquisition professionals face on a regular basis. We’ve even covered the trending hiring techniques that are practiced and so much more. But have you come across a scenario where you constantly make interview calls that are rendered unanswered by Candidates after conducting multiple follow ups?  Would you like to find out how you can tackle this situation? If yes then you’re in the right place.

We @SourcingAdda  constantly strive to assist our fellow Talent Acquisitionist in resolving challenges that they face and thanks to our member Anshul from the Mumbai Group we are able to do so. Hence our discussion was on, “How to deal with Candidates not answering the interview calls even after multiple follow ups?” wherein we received an out pour of responses which you’ve missed if you weren’t present. Anyway, you can catch up by viewing the conversation which we’ll be disclosing shortly. While you’re at it you might want to check the key take a ways that we’ll be highlighting right after so stay tuned and let’s begin…

Based on the discussion above we’re sure you’d agree with us when we say the discussion was very informative. Besides after reviewing these highlighted key take way pointers we’ll be disclosing shortly you’d know exactly why.  So let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the point. So here goes…

Possible Solutions

  • Drop a message via SMS or email by requesting a read receipt or an acknowledgement
  • Engage them via multiple channels by showcasing great stuff about the company and its culture
  • If Candidates appear unresponsive it’s prudent to leave them alone & revert back to the backup plan in terms of alternative candidates such as –
    • Dragging the candidate to court is definitely not a wise thought unless it is an extreme case
    • But there are other alternatives have terms that if they withdraw the offer there will be a financial penalty but they may turn out to be counterproductive.
    • Another alternative is to drop the candidate and move on
  • But bear in mind that there could be genuine cases where you need to take their responses in to consideration before reacting using drastic measures.

Accept certain facts

  • Realise that no one is so busy to not at least drop a message; in such a scenario it is preferable not to consider them for the role instead of worrying whether they will join.
  • Even though we’re changing their lives know that you will come across Candidates who don’t value that but that too is perfectly alright.
  • Know that you will have candidates who keep you informed that they are exploring other options as well which is perfectly fair, as we too pursue other candidates simultaneously.

Recruiter Perspective

  • Ask them if they are really interested or they are exploring counter offers
  • Receiving cold responses or even no response affects the relationship with the Recruiter and their impression in the job market.
  • In the initial stage try to understand and get to know more about the candidates else there is no point in processing it to the next level.
  • Do your research about the potential Candidate through available sources
  • Find out whether the Candidate is really Interested in relocating and what aspects can be utilised to facilitate relocation after evaluating these aspects –
    • Salary
    • Job Environment
    • Place of journey
  • Avoid candidates who swap jobs quickly and take a written commitment for everything at the time of acceptance of the offer.
  • You can implement ways and means e.g. like sue them in the court of law if you receive an acceptance from them for the same but they in turn play up and don’t join the Company within the specified time frame.
  • Find out what their motive for Job Search is –
    • Immediate need
    • Just gathering information
    • Future need if haven’t been promoted yet; if yes, then they are looking out for a change
    • If you’re prospective candidate already has an offer in hand but are stalling for better opportunities to compare.
  • Based on the above mentioned categories find out where they fall in and handle it accordingly
  • Remember that what you communicate each time you speak to a candidate matters
  • Responding back with a Yes, No or Speak later is basic business etiquette which you should know.
  • Focus on how forthcoming a candidate is as this matters as well
  • If you come across a candidate who evades calls and suddenly picks up from another number then i.e. a big red flag that needs your consideration.
  • Learn to face uncomfortable situations in an honest and forthcoming manner in order to be able to manage complex problems once the candidate joins your organisation.
  • You need not follow up to a very large extent whereas for others follow ups and selling the position is required on the role and at the organisation.
  • It depends completely on whether it is a Candidate driven industry or vacancy driven
  • If you come across such candidates know that they are not active jobseekers; although they may clear the technical test / interview but chances are they will not join.
  • In such a scenario it is preferable not to spend your time or the panel’s time on such carefree candidates.

Look at the Candidate behaviour from a Candidates perspective

  • Look at things from a Candidate’s perspective to understand their behaviour and possible reasons for it for e.g. think about it, if you had out of 2 or 3 offers at your disposal you’d compare the offers to find out which is the best one to pick? And it’s a given, you’ll always go with the best opportunity.
  • As far as possible look at the Candidates perspective before reacting as sometimes there are Candidates who have a genuine reason for their behaviour.

This brings the enlightening conversation to an end with a lot of insights to take back with us. One of the most important ones we avoid as Recruiters is looking at things from our perspective.  Sometimes things are best explained when we take the Candidates perspective in to consideration.  Without considering another’s perspective we get affected fast which wouldn’t be the case if we focussed on these aspects as well; as it helps us understand things better. With clarity in thought you are able to react in an appropriate manner which makes a big difference in the long term.

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