WhatsApp. Group Chat – How should a Recruiter decide whether to take a Requirement to source or not?

A Talent Acquisitionist needs to remain updated with the current trends followed in the Recruitment Sphere. With Social Channels being utilised to capture Talent and the flow of information on them keeping tabs on the upcoming trends can be overwhelming. One of the ways to stay updated is to be part of Recruiting groups where there are activities that give you real time updates.

Luckily, we @SourcingAdda have foreseen this development thus we created WhatsApp. Groups to assist Talent Acquisitionist’s like yourself remain updated. On that note our Wednesday discussion topic, “How should a Recruiter decide whether to take up or not take up a Requirement to source? As suggested by our Bangalore group member Shashank. Having said that, we’re absolutely sure that you’re eager to know more therefore; we’re sharing the discussion and right after the key take away pointers as well. So here goes…

This brings another insightful discussion session to an end with a lot of inputs to add to your knowledge. So let’s not keep you waiting any longer so here goes…

Accept Certain Facts

  • You can’t choose which requirements to Source
  • If the requirement is open then there is a Candidate in the market that is the reason it is open

How to decide?

  • Make a choice based on the priority of the requirement and close it
  • Before you start any recruitment process evaluate the actual need of the position
  • Discuss with seniors and if the need can be full filled internally by giving extra training to the existing staff.
  • Find out whose position you are filling i.e. an exclusive and / or steady client
  • If there is a High ROI given by any client
  • Have large database and you can also blacklist clients whose consecutive 4 positions go on hold or feedback wasn’t given
  • Preferable not to blacklist Clients for future reference
  • Avoid working for Clients who don’t have a certain level of respect for executive search fraternity
  • Ticket size & payment release timelines are important but timely feedback & commitment to fill open position are something which recruiters need to pay attention to for continuing business relationships
  • Timely closure with quality is what both internal & external clients look for at the most

Gain a complete understanding of JDs

  • Trying to pen – down a few requirement details
  • Analyse the requirement once received and then act on that
  • Speak to a functional person to understand the urgency
  • Insist on getting a feedback
  • Get clarity of what is expected by suggesting 1-2 profiles to check if the priority is correct
  • If you get an immediate response then rework accordingly
  • Understand the requirement thoroughly such as
  •        Find out about the organization & do your homework
  •        Research on how long the mandate has been open
  •        What are the challenges the hiring and recruitment manager are facing
  •       The reason for rejection in earlier cases
  •       Try contacting the rejected & previously interviewed candidates for the roles and the reasons for both cases         will give you a better understanding to the crux of the mandate
  • Post your first research and sample profiles turn – around time from client both these aspects will help to decide how critical the mandate is.
  • If the requirement is critical the client will follow up and work with you very closely else don’t bother.
  • If you are a Recruiter then minus the organization homework one needs to focus on business and hiring manager.
  • Understand the team and situation and then decide how critical the mandate is and focus on it
  • If you’re facing difficulty then gain further clarity by interacting with the concerned individuals is absolutely necessary.

Well there you have it all the important information you’ll require to make your decision and guidelines to assist you in achieving your KRAs. If you’ve read so far than we’re sure you found what you’re looking for and you also realise what you’re missing out on. So let’s avoid being passive learners and strive to be active ones instead.


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