Top Tweets of the #TASCON17 – Talent Acquisition and Sourcing Conclave Bengaluru

Two Consecutive years of success with #TASCON15 & #TASCON16 now Sourcing ADDA presents #TASCON17 Bengaluru which was a grand success. Like the previous two Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclaves we can say with confidence that all of us present have added to our learning and are looking forward to another one.

While some of us are confident that we’ll be implementing what we’ve learnt we @SourcingADDA are sure that if you weren’t able to attend #TASCON17 you’re hoping to join in the learning. We’ll you are so you need not wonder, as the wait is over. Here are the Top Tweets of #TASCON17, Bengaluru

Here’s something for you, since you’ve read this far, as always we had several informative sessions clubbed together with fun activities to ensure the participants and attendees had an amazing time adding to their learning. It is important to remember that the success of #TASCON17 was due to the combined effort of the speakers, attendees, contestants, volunteers and the Sourcing ADDA team.

To know more about what went on and for more exciting news that will certainly leave you awe-struck, wishing to have been there be sure to follow @SourcingAdda. Having, said that you’d be delighted to learn that we’re conducting another #TASCON17 but this time in Pune soon so you’ve got another opportunity to catch up. Be sure to grab it and we can assure you that you’ll definitely go back more knowledgeable than you were prior to attending the #TASCON17 Pune event.


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