WhatsApp Group Chat – Best Databases to Source Analytic profiles excluding Consultants

Talent Acquisitionists are constantly on the lookout for fresh Talent and untapped Sources to capture the needle in the hay stack Candidates. The practice is followed usually when they’ve exhausted all the current resources that pull up insufficient results. In such a scenario or when the resources they utilise aren’t providing the Talent they seek thus they are forced to find other platforms & job portals that have the Talent they require.

Having said that, we @SourcingAdda are glad to learn that we can be of assistance thanks to our group Members for their discussion topic suggestions. One such Bangalore group member i.e. Deepti suggested to have a discussion on, “Which are the best databases to source analytic profiles excluding consultants?” Hence, we’ll be sharing the chat shortly but before that remember to view the key take a way pointers to facilitate learning and assist retention of the aspects learnt, so here goes…


There you have it the discussion that we had and we’re sure you’d like to re enforce your leaning to ensure that you retain what you’ve learnt. If you feel the same way then the key take a way pointers will help you achieve this, so here goes…

Best Databases to Source Analytic profiles excluding Consultants

  • Best data base to search analytics profile is via LinkedIn
  • Most reliable is through References from Candidates & Talent Acquisitionists and build on them
  • Conduct X – Ray Searches using Boolean commands and enter the search strings created to receive a wide search results for Data Analytics Talent.
  • Use Kaggle that has a lot of data science profile databases hence visit – kaggle.com

So there you have it the best portals and techniques to assist you in Sourcing for Analytic profiles. If you’ve read this far then you certainly realise the importance of being an Active learner rather than a Passive one.

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