WhatsApp Group Chat – Gamification in On-boarding

We’ve heard a lot about Gamification done to boost Talent Acquisitionist’s performance, how it can improve the KRAs and case studies where the results were positive and in keeping with the assumptions. While we’re impressed by the results and progress we’ve received due to Gamification.  Have you thought of other possibilities where Gamification could be implemented to boost performance?

If you haven’t thought about it yet then let’s start with examples where Gamification can be implemented; for instance in other areas of a Recruiter’s profile or to boost employee performance. As always we’re one step ahead of you thanks to our WhatsApp group members. We @SourcingAdda  conduct weekly discussions every Wednesday where we had a discussion on, “Gamification in On-boarding” upon the suggestion of our Pune group member Kavitha.

Having said that, remember that we’ll be highlighting the key take a ways right after the chat displayed so be sure to check them out. You just might find something interesting worth adding to your knowledge, so here goes…


There you have it the discussion that went by which had some interesting insights that you’d like to know and add to your knowledge. We’ve got some ideas on conducting Gamification in on – boarding, including Gamification benefits and perspectives too.

Ideas for Gamification in On-boarding

  • You can go to Amoeba with the new employees after the induction lunch which enables Managers and New Employees to break the ice with a bowling game.
  • Apart from introducing New Joinees to various business lines you can distribute freebies such as company t-shirts or conduct games in the first week of joining in the office for newbies to interact in an unofficial part of on-boarding.
  • Send personalised gifts along with a letter to the new induct and have regular KITs along with short assignments.

Benefits of introducing Gamification in On-boarding

  • Conducting Gamification in on-boarding works well for the honeymoon stage of new hires
  • It aligns on-boarding and overall business goals, drives higher productivity, performance, engagement and improves retention while providing consistent and scalable results.

Perspectives about On-boarding

  • On-boarding begins even before an employee joins the company

Well this brings the insightful discussion to an end with lots of pointers to take away as always. If you’re no yet a part of these enlightening discussions then you’ve no idea what you’re missing out on. So if you haven’t joined these WhatsApp groups  than be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda for updates to our upcoming events and activities.

If you’d like to become a part of these WhatsApp groups then make sure you leave your views or requests to join them in our comments section else send us a DM to @SourcingAdda.


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