Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – The Importance of Mobile Recruiting


Digitalisation has paved the way to building new connections and maintaining distant relations; be it professional, family or otherwise; it’s possible in a digital world such as the one we live in. There has been a long standing debate revolving around the importance of Mobile Recruiting and we’d like to get different perspectives about it as well.

Therefore at Sourcing ADDA (@SourcingAdda) we’re constantly on the look – out for different perspectives and debatable topics hence this month’s #SourcingChat topic was on, “The importance of Mobile Recruiting.” I’m sure you’re wondering which are the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat  then we’ve listed them out for you below…

Q.1 What is mobile recruiting? #SourcingChat

A1: #mobile #recruiting goes beyond hiring people. It is a way to engage with a network who refer/show interest to prospects. #Sourcingchat

A1 This concept basically follows the principle of recruiting anytime anywhere!! #sourcingchat

A1: Impact of Social and Mobile. In particular it is easier to reach so-called passive candidates. #SourcingChat

Q.2 How mobile recruiting is changing the hiring process?#SourcingChat

A2. Response are fast,Can access anywhere,anytime.In short,future is Mobile #Sourcingchat

High time we implement #mobileRecruitment : India to become third largest smartphone market by 2017 #Sourcingchat

A2. Now #Candidate can Search & Apply for Job as per their comfort. Thanks to #mobileRecruitment #sourcingchat

Q.3 What are the benefits to companies and individual recruiters? #SourcingChat

A3 Its cost effective nd easy 2 reach the prospect candidate,helps 2 give & receive faster response nd gets real time feedback #SourcingChat

Recruitment strategy which simplify applicant’s efforts fa applying any job which reduces time 2apply #Sourcingchat

A3. Mobile recruiting Apps and other Mobile recruiting Tools have created new outlet 4 recruiter 2 source best fit profile #SourcingChat

Q.4 Does mobile recruiting play an important role in candidate experience? #SourcingChat

A4: Ofcourse. Need is to develop in-house skills & provide wider access of data to answer questions, while owning strict SLA’s #Sourcingchat

A4: A look into wat #job seekers are doing on #smartphones #SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

A4: Its gives freedom to candidate for easily search jobs and apply direct through mobile #Sourcingchat

Q.5 Which is your favorite mobile recruitment app? Why? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda whoever are working for US recruitment can use theladders recruiter app too available only on iOS #SourcingChat

@ShajoeHR @SourcingAdda A5: #SourcingChat problem with having diff app is candidates don’t want to download app every time to apply for 1job

@ShajoeHR @SourcingAdda #Sourcingchat I agree, but not everyone use iPhone to download n #apps

Well there you have it the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat, so don’t forget to leave your views in our comments section. If you’ve read this far then we’re sure you found what you’re looking for. To get real time updates to our upcoming activities and events be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda.


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