WhatsApp Group Chat – How can Recruiters be sure if Candidates are genuinely on bench?

In the Talent Acquisition profession that most of us as Talent Acquisitionist are passionate about we’ve certainly come across all types of Applicants. Be it Candidates serving a notice period, fresher’s applying for employments, candidates employed as interns, job seekers and the topic of discussion candidates on bench. All of these have one thing in common and that is there’re all Interviewees seeking better opportunities to advance in their career.

But the question that’s on everyone’s mind is how do you identify the genuine ones from the bluffing candidates? As a result; upon the request of our Bangalore group member Sheetal we’ve conducted our popular Wednesday’s discussion on, “How can Recruiters or Individuals be sure that Candidates are genuinely on the bench?” And here’s what we’ve discovered…

1Well from the discussion above we can confidently conclude that there are several solutions to deal with Candidates that are genuinely on bench. And here are the key take away pointers that we’ve come across…

  1. Speak to multiple candidates in the same project
  2. Ask question about the project in detail
  3. Cross question on notice period
  4. Verify by calling resources from the same project to be 100% sure
  5. Arranging a F2F round and Skype discussions on Weekdays to verify
  6. Verify by connections in HR
  7. Ask the Candidate to submit the offer letter wherein the available notice period is clearly mentioned
  8. Keep the communication strong and open

There you have it all the solutions that can ensure that Candidates are genuinely on bench. Now doesn’t this make the process easier and speed up the hiring process? So now you too and find the answer to your query, if you’re in the same scenario.

In the meantime be sure to leave your views in the comments section as we’re looking forward to them and follow us @SourcingAdda to gain real time insights on our upcoming events and activities.


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