Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – Importance of Candidate feedback after an Interview


The Talent Acquisition Industry has constantly been debating about whether Candidate feedback is to be given or not. And if yes, how should it be given especially in rejection cases. Handling rejection can be difficult on both parties involved in the hiring process, the Interviewer and Interviewee.

The Interview being the candidates foot in the door to amazing opportunities if selected. Moreover most Recruiters usually tend to miss out on conveying the feedback to the Interviewed Applicant on time due to their mountain of tasks at hand.

Giving feedback in the right manner in a way that Applicants aren’t discouraged from their job hunt is absolutely essential but overlooked by Recruiters on the whole. Hence, the popular #SourcingChat focussed on these aspects and only the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat is listed out due to popular vote for Top Tweets only but you can view the #Storify to know more.

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.1 As a Recruiter, do you always give feedback to interviewed candidates? #SourcingChat

D Prasanth Nair@DPrasanthNair

@aditi_sha26 @SourcingAdda A1 #sourcingchat lot of us give. But need to be more consistent and

also improve quality of feedback

Mark Mansour @MarkMansour01

@SourcingAdda I always do for candidates I interview. When trying to get feedback from a hiring

manager it’s harder a1#SourcingChat

Manish Pipalwa@pipalwa

A1 Sharing feedback is a Learning for #Recruiters. It help to improve on #Sourcing while identifying

Gaps #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.2 Are you scared of giving the feedback for rejected candidates? If yes, Why? #SourcingChat

Md Saifullah Rizvi@SaifuRizvi

A2. it is humane to be hesitant while sharing d negative feedback. One has to learn to subtly share

d message of rejection! #SourcingChat

Aditi Sharma@aditi_sha26

A2: Yes, sometime I feel like the feedback will demotivate the candidate. #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.3 Do you prefer giving the feedback personally (Call/Email) or through automated system?


Sumeet Jindal@sumeetjindalin

If the feedback is official then thru mail, personal then personally thru message. For for close

friends, face to face. #sourcingchat

gopal kharwat@IamGopal89

A3.I feel a an email or in person works well,depending on the seniority. System-naah,no personal

touch #SourcingChat

Soniya Sharma@soniyasharmahr

A3 I prefer giving it ny way the candidate is comfortable wid.Very few candidates r curious 2 knw

wt made company 2 reject thm #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda@SourcingAdda

Q.4 How feasible is to give feedback to every candidate personally in volume hiring?


Gaurav Dubey@BetuChotu 

#SourcingChat a4. in volume hiring, feedback can be same because many candidates will lack

same skills. tell it in the way they understand.

Vikas Dua@vykasdua

A4. In Volume hiring, better to ‘templat-ise’ feedback to extent poss and automate with emails/sms

#SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

Nitisha Shah@nitishashah1

Let thm knw how much you appreciate their effort. If you genuinely want to keep their resume

on file for future opportunities. #SourcingChat

Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q.5 Share your secret of giving good interview feedback for rejected candidates? #SourcingChat

Soniya Sharma @soniyasharmahr

A5 While Rejecting due 2 skill gap i always try to give feedback on the spot or over the phone later.

Used for IT recruitment#SourcingChat

Nitisha Shah @nitishashah1

A5. The interviewee is looking for constructive insights. Don’t begin by listing all the things they did

wrong #SourcingChat

Vikas Dua @vykasdua

A5. Be quick, be honest, give some tips for improvement/ guide in the right direction

#SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

Well this brings us to the end of another great #SourcingChat and we hope you’ve enjoyed it just as much as we’ve enjoyed conducting it. If you’ve found this #SourcingChat informative and would like to be a part of it then be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda for updates to our upcoming activities.


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