Whats App Group Chat – Flexible Date of Joining (DoJ) improves Candidate Experience

As Talent Acquisitionist’s we’ve heard so much about Candidate experience being important for Employer Branding. We’ve even spoken about Candidate Experience at our most recent annual event #TASCON16 but have you ever wondered whether a flexible Date of Joining (DoJ) could hold the key to making exceptional hires having the calibre we need.

If you haven’t thought about it then let’s start now. We @SourcingAdda decided to get Talent Acquisitionist’s like your-self to think about things that you don’t normally think about. You might remember us from the recently held #TASCON16  or from the popular Whats App Group Chat Wednesday’s Discussions?  If yes then you also know that the Wednesday’s Discussion topic is decided based on the suggestions of the Whats App Group Chat members, hence the Wednesday’s Discussion topic was on, “Will a flexible Date of Joining (DoJ) be better to improve Candidate Experience?” It’s obvious that the suggestion was by a Whats App Group Chat member i.e. Shashank from Bangalore. And here’s what we uncovered…



Based on the discussion above we can conclude that a flexible DOJ might be the key to unlocking the door to an improved Candidate Experience which can boost Employer Branding with a satisfied Candidate. Sometimes it’s the small things that don’t quite seem relevant or important but can have a drastic impact on the things that matter to us more. Hope this discussion answered some of the questions that you may have had.

In the meantime if you’re feeling left out then follow @SourcingAdda to get the latest updates to our upcoming events in real time and become a part of these popular Wednesday Discussions  to add to your knowledge.


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